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If you are looking for a mass email service solution with plenty of professional features, then look no further than Mass email services are particularly useful for companies and individuals looking to get into eCommerce. With a free mass email service, you can quickly and efficiently contact all of your customers and users or implement eMarketing campaigns designed to give your website more exposure. What’s more, you can even encourage return business by sending out newsletters or updates offering your previous customers great deals or delivering breaking news on your products and services. is a mass email service provider that allows you the freedom to build your customer base with an easy to use interface and intuitive feature set. To help you do this, offers you the chance to tailor your email address to your particular needs. Choose from a huge selection of email domains that cover both professional and personal themes, and also include geographically relevant email domains—the perfect way to kick start your eMarketing campaign.

Mass mailing service and much more

Whilst offers a great way to enter the world of free mass email services, it also functions exceptionally well as a standard email service. Perfect for both personal and professional use, packs many powerful features into our email account services that help you enjoy more streamlined communication. Take advantage of up to 65 GB of email storage and easy archiving to keep your previous correspondence well organized. Additionally, use the Mail Collector feature to combine multiple email accounts and see all of your communications at a glance.

The email service also includes full mobile support to ensure that you can access your email on smartphones and tablets. This, when combined with easy webmail access through your preferred browser, means that you can stay in touch whenever and wherever you are. It also means that you are never tied to a particular email client on any particular device. What’s more, our easy to use interface makes communication quicker and more efficient than ever before.

Secure mass emailing service from GMX

Safety and security are very important when it comes to both personal and professional communication—particularly when using a mass email service. Thankfully, offers you powerful antivirus software and spam filters to ensure that your email is never compromised. Our antivirus software helps to keep out dangerous viruses, Trojans, and other malware. This means that you can keep working without the constant threat of your computer becoming infected. Additionally, the spam filter helps you keep unsolicited mail which may contain viruses, advertisements, scams, or phishing threats down to an absolute minimum—the perfect way to ensure you are working safely and not exposing your hardware to unnecessary risks.

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