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Customize signatures's email signatures - Customizing your email correspondence

When syncing various personal and business email addresses, it is easy to customize your standard messaging - with's email signatures. An email signature is a small amount of information: typical email signatures include personal information (for example, an inspirational quote) or contact information. Email signatures are automatically attached to each and every email sent from your various addresses, whether you send them from your computer or from your blackberry (using's universal access). Set personal and professional signatures, and customize your email even further.

Professional email signatures - Provide the most necessary information

When corresponding professionally, this can be particularly important. By attaching a standard 'business card' of sorts, you save your recipient the trouble of searching for your exact title, website, telephone number or mailing address. Email signatures have become standard on most professional - and sometimes personal - email correspondence over the last few years. By setting a signature that provides whatever information is most important, you ensure clear communication, a sign of professionalism.

Personal email signatures - Personalize your email experience

While email has provided us with fast and inexpensive communication worldwide, we have lost what made pen-to-paper letters so personal: a personalized sense of style. With's email signatures you can personalize your emails to family and friends. Include your name, address, or perhaps an inspirational quote. In using email signatures to manage multiple accounts with, you can add personality to a form of communication that may sometimes seem dry.

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