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Having multiple email accounts for different purposes need not be complicated; with the Mail Collector, you can easily manage several inboxes from one easy-access location. Simplify the way you receive emails today!

Consolidate your correspondence with

Most of us lead very busy lives, and one way that we attempt to navigate this is by compartmentalizing our lives. This usually generates professional and personal domains, all of which require organizational and communication tools. More often than not, we end up with multiple email accounts to manage and are left seeking the most efficient way of doing so. Understanding this pull, has created a competent solution by equipping email accounts with its patented Mail Collector feature.

The Mail Collector works alongside all other mail providers, and with the use of the forwarding feature, it allows you to consolidate all of your mail from across your multiple accounts into this one convenient location - your account. Gone are the days of having to switch back and forth between mail providers, and the hassle of having to always sign in and out of each account. With your account, you have only one sign-in and can access all of the mail from your multiple accounts through one interface. This includes professional and personal emails - whichever accounts you have set up with the Mail Collector to forward into your account.

Keeping communication efficient

Giving you access to all of your emails in one place is just one of the ways that delivers communication efficiency. Another is by removing the hassle of having to delete emails, as all accounts come with a lot of space for your emails.

With the generous email storage from

  • You can store up to 65 GB of email content from as many email accounts as you desire.
  • You never have to worry about running out of space in your account.
  • If you set up email forwarding from your accounts with other providers in a way that automatically archives or deletes forwarded mail, you can ensure that you don’t run out of space for new incoming mail.

Many email providers allow a certain amount of email storage space, which in turn requires you to invest a considerable amount of time in managing all of your email accounts. You have to delete anything unnecessary and make sure that you archive anything important in order to ensure that it doesn’t get lost or randomly deleted. Particularly when you have multiple email accounts to manage, this becomes a very time-consuming practice. Less work and more efficiency is what is all about.

Higher limits mean less work

Another efficiency feature of a account that has much of the competition beat is our email attachment limit. Where most email service providers offer a 15 to 20 MB attachment limit, at we know that sometimes more is better, so we offer 30 MB of email attachment space.

Lower attachment limits are usually handled in two ways:

1. Needing to send several emails in order to send all of the files you require.

2. Spending time converting larger files into compressed zip files, which then need to be unzipped by the recipient.

That’s a lot of work for a task that needs to be, for many, completed on a daily basis, and when you are trying to do so through multiple email accounts, the amount of time wasted may increase. With a higher-than-average email attachment limit, ensures that you don’t have to waste time with the hassle of file compression or sending multiple emails. Respond to all of your mail from your multiple accounts through your account in order to take advantage of this almost limitless attachment space.

Designed for organization

Not only are webmail accounts from designed to help you communicate more efficiently, but they also help you stay organized and manage all of life’s demands more easily. Whether that’s helping you keep all of your mail in one easy location with the Mail Collector, or helping you keep track of all your important appointments with useful planning tools; is designed with organization in mind.

By managing all of your emails through your account, you can synchronize calendars from every part of your busy life, both professional and personal. You simply need to drag and drop appointments, meetings, and notes out of your emails and into your calendar, letting the specialized scheduling software do the work for you.

Accessible anywhere you are

And since you can access your account from any browser, thanks to the universal access feature, you can also check your email and calendar from anywhere at any time on any internet-enabled device.

You can start planning your day at home on your laptop, double check the time of that first meeting or appointment from your mobile phone during your commute, and see all of the latest updates when you turn on your desktop computer at work. All of your emails in one place and directly at your fingertips, wherever you are - that’s the difference!

Other features of email services

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable email signature
  • Automatic forwarding
  • Mobile service
  • Your choice of domain
  • Antivirus and spam filter
  • Helpful customer support

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