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Mail Collector - All your emails in one place / If you use several email accounts with different providers, we offer you a way to manage them all in one place: our Mail Collector. It allows you to retrieve and send emails from all your accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo or Google and many more.

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At the onset of the email and Internet era, everyone usually only had a single address; today, it is sometimes stressful trying to manage multiple accounts. With, the ability to manage multiple accounts need not be a hassle. allows you to organize all of your email addresses – both private and business email – in a single place, saving you the trouble of logging into several different servers. By forwarding all of your accounts to, you can easily read your messages in one place, and respond to all of them just as easily.

All your accounts, wherever you are.

Another advantage that offers to those who manage multiple accounts on is universal access. Whether you want to check your email on your work computer, home PC, Smartphone or on a computer while on holiday, with you have the access you need. Rather than dealing with server and domain names for each individual address, manage multiple accounts with so that you only have to enter information for one place in your personal computer or on your Smartphone. After that, everything runs smoothly.

Managing multiple accounts in one place simplifies life.

Whether you have two email addresses or ten, the ability to manage multiple accounts in a way that is clear, functional and simple saves you time. What’s more, establishes a secure connection when you log in to your webmail, so no matter how many accounts you have, you can rest assured that only you are privy to the information contained in your emails Save yourself time and hassle: manage multiple accounts with

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