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Mail Collector - All your emails in one place / If you use several email accounts with different providers, we offer you a way to manage them all in one place: our Mail Collector. It allows you to retrieve and send emails from all your accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo or Google and many more.

Secure Connection

Your safe connection

A secured connection gives you peace of mind

In the high-tech world in which we live, one of the most important safety features of the Internet is a secure connection. Regardless of whether you are using your private or business email, the information you send is sometimes sensitive, not something you want to share with unknown third parties. Thus, takes the time to ensure a secure connection when you log in to read your emails. This connection encrypts your information so that third parties cannot see the information contained in your emails.

Secure connection for all of your accounts

Most people have multiple emails to keep their personal and private lives separate. In addition to being able to manage multiple accounts in one place on, our service offers you security with its secure connection. This connection means that no matter how many addresses you have, you can rest assured that only you are reading the information contained in your emails. What’s more, the secure connection goes everywhere you go and is not just restricted to your personal computer or work PC.

A secure connection anywhere on the planet

One of the many advantages to using is its universal access. This means that no matter where you are, as long as you have access to a browser, you can access all of your emails. And that universal access works in tandem with our secure connection. With, you no longer have to worry about which email account has what security settings. You can manage them all and sleep soundly knowing that your confidential information and that of your company is secured from prying eyes by our secure connection.

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