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Mail Collector - All your emails in one place / If you use several email accounts with different providers, we offer you a way to manage them all in one place: our Mail Collector. It allows you to retrieve and send emails from all your accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo or Google and many more.

Universal Access

Access it anywhere

Universal access with knows that its users are mobile and that they need universal access to their online email, particularly business email, everywhere they go. Whether you are on the go, at home, or abroad makes no difference with Universal access means that any computer or device that has a web-browser and internet connection can be used to check your email, no matter if you are in New York, Hong Kong or Nairobi (or anywhere in between). - Full-featured and universal access

Universal access means that all the normal functions of's online email client, such as forwarding, the ability to manage multiple accounts, and the organizer, can also be used when abroad. You don't even have to leave home to realize the benefits of universal access to your emails. knows that many people work on multiple computers between home and the office. Instead of being restricted to just one computer, lets you roam between computers, cities and even countries- that's what universal access is all about!

Roam free with universal access

How does universal access work? With your online email client you can choose settings to help you move from computer to computer more easily. For instance, if you link your email client on your home or work computer to your account you can be sure that whatever work you do offline will stay current online as well, and vice versa! With these settings and a secure connection you can simply log on from any computer anywhere in the world and pick up right where you left off. That's what we call universal access.

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