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Mobile service / Email whenever and wherever you like. You can access your mail account in many different ways: in the office with your PC, at home with your notebook and, of course, on the road with your cell phone or every other mobile device.


Access on Android

Using your from your Android

Checking your emails from your mobile Internet enabled Android Smartphone lets you stay up-to-date on everything going on, even when you aren't near a computer. lets you check your email from any computer, so why not from any Internet enabled device or Smartphone as well? In fact there are multiple options for checking your email from your Android. You can either use the phone's settings so that your email will go directly to whichever mail client you have installed on your phone, or you can just open up the phone's web browser and head to

Use your Android and to stay in touch

Having a Smartphone like an Android lets all the important pieces of your life come together in one place. knows that emailing is one of today's top forms of communication- it's how most people stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues. Your Smartphone, coupled with's online email client, is a tool that makes this communication simple and efficient. All you have to do is set up your Android to receive your emails and your phone can receive and send emails as long as you have cell phone service. and Android - Wherever, whenever

Android users can get set up in no time! You can start communicating with the important people in your life for as far as your phone can roam. And when you can't roam anymore, never fear, any computer with a web browser can let you access your emails. We promise they will be waiting for you just like you left them on the phone- that’s the beauty of emailing from your Android.

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