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Mobile service / Email whenever and wherever you like. You can access your mail account in many different ways: in the office with your PC, at home with your notebook and, of course, on the road with your cell phone or every other mobile device.


Access on iPhone

Using from your iPhone

Mobile devices like the iPhone allow you the luxury of mobility. Emails on the go, your schedule in the palm of your hand, and your friends and co-workers available to chat or consult with just the push of a few buttons. knows how valuable an iPhone or other device with mobile Internet can be when it comes to the freedom to move about. Being tied down to a desktop PC or even lugging around a laptop can be cumbersome, which is why's online email client supports a more mobile you. You can keep track of your private and professional life from your iPhone, home or work computer, or a friend's Internet enabled device with’s Mobile Service.

Access your account from your iPhone's Web browser

Our online email client can be accessed from any web browser, including Safari on your iPhone. This means that you are free to check your emails from a friend or colleague's mobile device iPhone. An empty battery while you are on the go no longer means that you can't access your emails or schedule; any internet enabled device with a web browser can come to your rescue!

Integrate your email and your iPhone email

A second more integrated option is to use the email client installed on your iPhone to receive your emails. It’s simple to have all your emails, even those from different accounts, forwarded to one central account and then deposited in the email client already on your iPhone or other Smartphones. This option has the advantage of letting your write emails offline and send them the next time you have a wireless connection on your iPhone.

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