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Mobile service / Email whenever and wherever you like. You can access your mail account in many different ways: in the office with your PC, at home with your notebook and, of course, on the road with your cell phone or every other mobile device.

Mobile Internet

Access on the go

Mobile Internet with - Connect anywhere

With's mobile Internet service, you'll never need to wait until you're sitting at your desk again. Business and personal life are no longer confined to one location - we are constantly on the move. And because we're always on the go, our email needs to go with us, either on our Smartphones, including the iPhone or Android devices. With, you can send, reply, and edit emails wherever life takes you. Mobile Internet with - take your email with you.'s mobile Internet service - Get the information you need

Your email connects you to the most important people in your life, both professionally and personally. But the information your email contains usually involves some other type of information as well. Where is that address exactly? Do you need to read an article that's been forwarded to you? What will the weather be like, and will it impact this weekend's plans? With mobile internet and, you'll always have all the information you need at your fingertips - on your Smartphone, Android, or iPhone - not only your emails. Mobile Internet coupled with all of the benefits of - get all the information you need.'s mobile Internet service: stay updated and sync your devices

These days, everyone is constantly on the go, and we need our email to be on the go as well. When you're out and about - running errands, travelling for work, or even on vacation - it’s not always possible to be 'off the grid.' Mobile Internet with allows you to stay updated with all your important email correspondence. By syncing your professional and personal account through the Mail Collector, you can stay in touch 24/7. When you return to your work or home computer, you can then sync your iPhone, Smartphone, or Android device, and automatically update your account in this way. Mobile Internet with allows you to stay up-to-date, no matter where you are.

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