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Mobile service / Email whenever and wherever you like. You can access your mail account in many different ways: in the office with your PC, at home with your notebook and, of course, on the road with your cell phone or every other mobile device.

Windows Mobile

With flexible access

Windows Mobile with - Connect anywhere

Using Windows Mobile with, you can access your email no matter where you are. Whether using Outlook or Internet Explorer, reach your account with ease! By using Windows Mobile with your Smartphone or other mobile device, you can sync - and save all changes - with your work or home computer, and never miss a thing thanks to’s Mobile Service. Anywhere you can get a wireless signal, which is anywhere and everywhere these days: at the airport, in a cafe, or even on the train. Never miss a thing with Windows Mobile and

Professional email with Windows Mobile

After syncing your email with's Mail Collector, you will be able to send, receive, edit, and manage your professional email wherever you are. Using Windows Mobile and its various features - namely Outlook Mobile - you can not only access your various accounts, but also set meetings and communicate with your inter-office contacts and external clients and partners. and Windows Mobile allow you to connect no matter where you are.

Personal email with Windows Mobile

Planning a trip, looking for an address that was sent to you, or organizing an event with friends? Just a few years ago, email was a daily chore, but now we need to constantly be connected. With on your Windows Mobile device, now you can be connected, search for addresses in the body of an email, look up travel and weather information, or simply reply to a long email thread about next week's get-together. Stay connected anywhere with and Windows Mobile.

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