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Your private Online Calendar / With the Online Calendar, you'll always have all your appointments at your fingertips. It allows you to schedule meetings and manage events in no time with the convenient drag & drop functionality.

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Create an online schedule at isn't just for emailing- you can also create an online schedule! The Online Calendar lets you input all of your meetings, events, and appointments into an easy and usable format. You can access your online schedule from anywhere, just like your email, and can even synchronize calendars!'s online schedule is easy and efficient to manage

Your online schedule is made easy to manage with its drag & drop functionality and the helpful scheduling software. The online schedule drag & drop tool lets you arrange and rearrange events more quickly and helps you to see what appointment might fit in which time slot. The great part about having a web calendar and email together in one place is the convenience. For example if someone reschedules an appointment by email you can simply drag the appointment on your online calendar from its old slot into a new one, all without even leaving

The online schedule possibilities

The beauty of's email and online schedule is that it can stand alone or it can work in harmony with software that you already use on your Smartphone or computer. The stand alone aspect is important for those who often work from different places and with different computers. It can also be advantageous to those who normally work from just one or two computers to connect their online schedule and email to the software on their personal computer so that if anything happens to their hardware, a second copy of everything is safe and sound on The way you use your online schedule is up to you, as webmailer provides the options!

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