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Over 90% less spam mail / We employ 7 sophisticated anti spam tools to filter junk mails before flooding your mailbox. You can also create your own spam filter by blacklisting senders manually and keep your mailbox spam free.

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Everyone is confronted with junk mail at some point. Usually this superfluous email, sent out to mass mailing lists, is harmless and simply a nuisance. But, junk mail, however benign, can easily be avoided. Email spam filters can easily be set up to 'catch' the mail sent to your address as part of a mass mailing. Specific filters can be set to exclude mailing list emails you may receive, and thereby protecting your inbox from annoying spam. Avoid junk mail with's Spam Filter.

End the stream of junk mail with's junk filter.

Although junk mail is usually simply annoying, it still can take time to sift through to find what actually requires your attention. With's personalized inboxes, you have the option to set up a junkmail filter, relieving your inbox of useless email. This is very easy to set up. Additionally, you can protect yourself against potentially dangerous viruses with this junkmail filter. Junk mail, though sadly a reality in every inbox, can easily be avoided.

Avoid phishing with's junk mail filter.

Though junk mail may invade your inbox from time to time, it’s usually not a huge problem. Nonetheless, securing your privacy online is definitely a priority. Phishing occurs when dangerous entities, intent on finding sensitive information, are hidden within the context of a seemingly harmless email. The best way to avoid these nasty viruses is to avoid all junk email, sent to you by an unknown source. Relieve your junk mail worries with junk mail filter.

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