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What is Spam?

If you are an avid user of email then you have definitely had an encounter with spam. Spam can be described as online communication sent to the user without permission. For example: you sign up for a newsletter from a company and this information is sent to the email address you provided- this is not spam. Should your account, however, be bombarded with email messages (most commonly of a commercial or advertising nature) which you did not request then your account has been infiltrated by spammers.

Identifying Spam and the dangers thereof

Spam can be divided into two categories. Cancelable Usenet Spam sends messages to newsgroups and forums. Advertising bulletins then dominate the newsgroup and make it increasingly difficult for administrators to oversee the related topics. The second category of spam is known as Email Spam. This spam affects the individual and their private email account. Your email address is obtained without your direct knowledge, at random, and unsolicited mail is sent to you. Spam mails are generally considered to be an inconvenience and annoying. The content of the junk messages sent may be of an adult nature and therefore offensive to some. Additionally, spam is able to spread viruses and dangerous software. Malicious spam has also been linked to identity theft- the gaining of and illegal use of personal information.

Avoiding Spam

The presence of spam can turn reading emails into a hassle. Scrolling through all the unsolicited mail in your inbox, searching for legitimate mail, takes up far too much time for the likes of the average user. There are ways to reduce the amount of spam you receive. A powerful spam-filter is available through It is vitally important to be aware of the dangers of spam and set about installing these measures in order to ensure the security of your computer and to save yourself from the inconvenience of unsolicited spam mail.

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