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Over 90% less spam mail / We employ 7 sophisticated anti spam tools to filter junk mails before flooding your mailbox. You can also create your own spam filter by blacklisting senders manually and keep your mailbox spam free.

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An important part of spam detection is an up-to-date spam list. By working with seven different spam protection tools and by adding email addresses to the spam list, you can be sure to avoid just about any attempt to send you unsolicited junk mail. Such protection is essential because it keeps you safe and also saves you time that is better spent on more important tasks, such as finishing a project or emailing your family and friends about your next get-together.

Having a spam list keeps your inbox free of clutter

Without a spam list, there is no way of keeping the junk mail and viruses out of your inbox. We use seven different tools to detect spam based on known spammers, which includes individuals, companies and sometimes entire domain names. You enhance this spam list by adding email addresses from people who you consider spammers based on the quality and content of the emails you receive from them. The combination of your own knowledge and the seven tools that we use keeps the chances of you receiving unwanted email to a minimum.

Spam lists help keep your information secure

Another important reason to compile a spam list is phishing. In many cases, the email addresses on your list will be there because they bulk mail you about products you don’t need. However, others use phishing to try to trick you into giving them confidential information, such as credit card numbers, bank account information or other private information. These spammers and the more innocuous bulk mailers are detected using our seven different spam detection tools and added to your spam list, keeping you, your emails and your information safe.

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