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Simple, fast and easy to use client / We excluded all futile features to offer you a speedy email service with an easy-to-use interface. Our handy drag & drop functionality ramps up emailing and organizing contacts or your calendar.


Your intuitive email

Usability - Simple, fast and easy to use

A good webmail client should make sense to the user. With this in mind, has placed usability at the heart of its webmail client design. Any good online email service should be helping you get work done faster, which requires a high degree of usability. has stripped down its webmail client to the bare essentials and streamlined its functions to make it easy and intuitive to use.

Usable functions and features has taken the need for usability into consideration and developed a drag & drop function that makes adding attachments, organizing your appointments in the Calendar, or reviewing your contact list faster than ever! Other functions of the webmail client also contribute to its intuitive and helpful design, including up to 65 GB of storage space, the ability to send attachments up to 30 MB, and a spam filter so good you'll never even know it's there. eliminates almost all of those pesky "size" warnings and "accept" questions in one fell swoop!

Usability lets you use your time better

A few seconds here and there during a long session of writing and sending emails can add up, but with you can steal a few of those lost seconds back! ranks the usability of its mail client as a top priority because it understands that during a busy day those few extra seconds can make a big difference! webmail design does its best to prevent frustrating emailing situations, but if questions arise their webmail support is always there to try to put the "use" back in usability.

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