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Html Email

Design your email combines a variety of powerful features, such as unlimited email storage, seamless mobile device functionality, our powerful Mail Collector and an easy-to-use interface to bring you an unparalleled communications solution. What’s more, you can exercise even greater control through HTML. Learn how to make HTML mail with

The possibilities of HTML email

HTML functionality opens up a whole new world and allows you to achieve things that are not possible with non HTML email. In fact, with just a little HTML knowledge, you can create a number of dynamic elements within the emails you send; including links, images, HTML signatures and much more.

This means you can easily alter the appearance and functionality of the emails you send out as you move away from simple, plain text. Learn more about HTML with webmail

Here’s how to add a link within your email:

  • Log in to your account and compose a new mail
  • Add the following HTML code including the URL of the website you wish to link <a href="URL">ANCHOR</a>
  • Replace the ANCHOR with your words of choice. This will be highlighted so your recipient can click on it

That’s it! Once you send your email the link will be active

Email signatures with HTML

One of the most popular HTML features available is the email signature element that may include a variety of information. Simply copy/pasting a colleagues email signature may present issues, since any links may still direct to your colleagues address. This means it is worth learning how to create your own HTML signature from scratch.

However, to ensure you put across the right image in your correspondence, your email signature should be concise, typographically simple and, ultimately informative. It is also worth remembering that the information contained will be displayed to anyone who receives your mail, so you should consider carefully what you want to share.

Here are some ideas as to what to include within your email signature:

  • Name, including title
  • Job position or capacity
  • Address
  • Contact number or FAX
  • Email address
  • Company branding or personal logo
  • Payment details for receiving money (e.g. PayPal, bank details)

These are just a few suggestions for your email signature; however, you are free to include any information you feel is pertinent in your correspondence. You can even create multiple signatures for a range of different applications. This is the ideal solution for those who wish to include different information within emails for both personal and professional uses.

Another important feature of HTML email is the ability to link directly to an email address using the HTML mailto formula. Using mailto you can integrate your contact information into your emails or on any website or blog. This means that anyone wishing to contact you can click the link and send a message directly to your inbox.

Once clicked, the mailto code will open the user email program and allow them to send an email through a new window. Here's how to link to an email address:

  • To set this up, simply add the following HTML code <a href="mailto:YOUREMAIL">ANCHOR</a>
  • Replace YOUREMAIL with your email address
  • Replace ANCHOR with your words of choice. These words will be highlighted so your recipient can click on it.

This is an ideal way to streamline your communications with customers and clients or even friends, family and colleagues.

Versatile webmail wherever you are -

HTML is a great way to get more from your email; however, provides a variety of tools and features to help you enjoy better communications. In today’s mobile world, accessing webmail through your desktop is not enough and so, with this in mind, ensures that you can always check your mail wherever you are. Full mobile access is supported, so whether on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other devices, you will always be able to read and write email.

Additionally, the Premium service brings further functionality to your email. When you sign up to our Premium service you benefit from full POP3/IMAP functionality that allows you to connect your webmail to popular webmail clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird among many others. Additionally, full telephone support is offered and your account is completely ad-free. Premium is the ideal choice for anyone who wants the very best in communication solutions. 

HTML email gives you the creative edge

HTML email can be used as an alternative to plain text email. The advantage of HTML is the ability to customize the appearance of the text in an email, including font size and color or the use of bold or italicized text. At, we offer you HTML email, so you can express yourself and your unique personality through your correspondence.

We use email today as our main form of communication, both in our personal and professional lives. Your email needs to offer you the most options and services to ensure that you put your best foot forward. HTML email lets you customize the appearance of your texts in order to present the best you possible. Whether you’re creating a newsletter for a group, a proposal for a client or just sending birthday wishes to friends and family, HTML email is the perfect option for creating unique and memorable messages.

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