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Webmail: Webmail access for your emails from every computer with an internet connection. All you need is a web browser to use our comfortable, fully featured webmail client.

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With unrestricted email storage, a suite of powerful organizational tools, and unparalleled antivirus and security features, is redefining webmail for the mobile generation. Discover an email provider with a difference and simplify your correspondence—from creating email lists to sharing large files—with today.

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We make it our job at to provide an email service full of smart, time-saving features that allow you to get on with your day uninterrupted and unhindered. That’s why our free webmail platform boasts multiple extras that make it stand out from the crowd, while also being super-fast and simple to operate. We’ve been mindful to cater for all aspects of email correspondence, from more demanding requirements like sharing large or multimedia files, to the smaller details, like creating an email list and mailing account for regular group communication.

So, whether you want to kick off a conversation about an event with a specific group of friends, or you need a convenient way of keeping coworkers regularly in the loop with your professional email account, the email distributor function has got you covered.

How can I set up an email list?

An email group saves time and helps keep everyone on the same page—with minimal effort. Here’s how to set up an email list with your account:

  • Log in to your email account
  • Click the icon marked “Contacts” which is located at the top of the page
  • The next page you will see will contain all of your email contacts. On the top left-hand side of the page click “New Group” to begin creating your mailing list
  • Give your email group a name, for example “Sarah’s Birthday” if your list concerns an event among friends, or something like “[Project Name] Update” if you need to regularly inform a group of coworkers through free group email accounts
  • Click the field marked “Add more Contacts”. Now all you have to do is click on each contact from your contact list—the list will appear on the left-hand side—that you want to include in your email list until you have marked them all. Once you are done, click “Save”

And that’s it! Your email list is ready to go and you can begin mass mailing with ease right away. You can add or delete members of your email list anytime. Simply go to your contacts and select the email list you want to amend.

To send a message to your email group, go to your inbox and click “Compose E-mail”. In the recipient field marked “To”, you need only begin typing the name of your email group and our smart system will show it to you in the drop down menu. Click the name of your email group to enter it into the recipient field, and then continue to compose your email as normal. Creating and using email lists has never been so easy—enjoy the convenience that only can offer!

Create email lists on the fly with

At, we understand the importance of flexibility and mobility. That’s why our webmail is designed to function on any device, meaning you can create, update, and use your email lists wherever you are—all you need is an Internet connection.

Download our email app today and keep the convenience and power of with you no matter your location. Our app is secure, and offers all of the great desktop features of—streamlined and repackaged to work flawlessly on your mobile device. webmail makes surfing & organizing simple is a webmail provider that offers you numerous options for organizing and streamlining your correspondence.

  • Set up folders to organize your emails by sender or topic, create a mailing list to contact large groups easily or customize the appearance of your messages using’s HTML email.
  • In addition to features like the mailing list, you have a great deal of freedom here regarding your preferences and settings, allowing you to set up your account to suit your individual needs and interests.
  • You’ll also enjoy the sleek and user-friendly design of the webbrowser.

In this day and age, our hectic routines make scheduling and time planning an essential part of everyday life. You need a webmail provider that not only recognizes this, but also strives to make that an integral part of its services. aims to provide you with all the tools to make your mailing experience as simple and efficient as possible.

Creating a mailing list is one way to ensure quick and efficient distribution of information to contacts in all aspects of your life. Create a mailing list of family contacts and share exciting news or photos. A mailing list of friends with mutual interests helps you make plans for the weekend.

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