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Italy's Conte pitches for support in key Parliament votes

ROME (AP) — Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte is pitching for support in Parliament for his new left-leaning coalition ahead of crucial confidence votes. The lower Chamber of Deputies, where the government has a comfortable majority, is set to vote Monday evening. Conte's fortunes are dicier in the Senate, where a coalition of the populist 5-Star Movement and center-left Democrats holds a much-slimmer margin in Tuesday's vote.

Matteo Salvini's anti-migrant League and a smaller far-right party were protesting outside Parliament. If Conte's government loses either vote, it must resign. His first government collapsed after 14 months when Salvini withdrew his right-wing forces' support. Salvini was hoping the move would trigger new elections that would give him the premiership. But the 5-Stars and Democrats set aside bitter rivalry to form an alternative coalition.

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