Tim Cook - the best personalized free web-based Email en en Tim Cook Qualcomm: Apple is pressuring contractors in patent dispute NEW YORK (AP) — An escalating battle between Apple and Qualcomm over money and patent rights is drawing in Taiwanese contractors that assemble Apple's iPhones. Apple claims that Qualcomm is overcharging for patent-related license fees on iPhone sales, a point Qualcomm disputes. Last month, Apple Inc. began refusing to pay royalties until the courts determine how much it owes... Wed, 17 May 2017 16:52:00 GMT 2017-05-17T16:52:00Z Apple steps up its effort to emphasize its economic impact SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple is getting more aggressive about emphasizing its role in the U.S. economy, apparently hoping to counter recurring criticism over its reliance on overseas factories. On Wednesday, Apple for the first time released a state-by-state breakdown of where its 80,000 U.S. employees work, showing that more than half of them are located outside Silicon Valle... Thu, 04 May 2017 07:29:00 GMT 2017-05-04T07:29:00Z Apple growing cash stash spurs talk of huge acquisition SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — As Apple's stash of cash grows, so does the possibility that the world's most valuable company will use some of the money for a huge acquisition that would expand its empire beyond iPhones and other gadgets. The company currently holds more than a quarter-trillion dollars it could use to go shopping. So far, the guessing game has prim... Tue, 02 May 2017 22:11:00 GMT 2017-05-02T22:11:00Z Apple cuts prices on lower-end iPads, releases red iPhones NEW YORK (AP) — Apple is cutting prices on two iPad models and introducing red iPhones, but the company held back on updating its higher-end iPad Pro tablets. A much-speculated 10.5-inch iPad Pro didn't materialize, nor did new versions of existing sizes in the Pro lineup, which is aimed at businesses and creative professionals. The new devices are mostly refreshes of existi... Tue, 21 Mar 2017 20:34:00 GMT 2017-03-21T20:34:00Z Apple's iPhone may be mature, but it's still bearing fruit CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — The Apple of today hasn't yet shown much indication of emulating its co-founder Steve Jobs and his streak of world-changing products, but it's still proving a tough act to beat. The main reason: Before Jobs died in 2011, he left behind the iPhone — a product with such a devout following that it will likely spin off billions in pro... Tue, 28 Feb 2017 23:15:00 GMT 2017-02-28T23:15:00Z Apple boss Tim Cook optimistic about UK's future outside EU LONDON (AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook says the technology giant is committed to Britain's future outside the European Union. Cook said after meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday that he's optimistic about the country's prospects, noting that Apple is moving ahead with a new UK headquarters in London. Cook also met with London Mayor Sadiq Khan amid uncertain... Thu, 09 Feb 2017 19:52:00 GMT 2017-02-09T19:52:00Z Apple reversed its iPhone slump. But what's next? SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple has snapped out of the first sales slump in the iPhone's decade-long history, although the modest upturn doesn't mean that it has broken out of its innovation funk. If anything, the numbers Apple released Tuesday highlight the company's growing dependence on the iPhone, whose sales tower above Apple's other current offerings. The company hasn't man... Wed, 01 Feb 2017 00:44:00 GMT 2017-02-01T00:44:00Z Trump's travel ban jolts globe, leads to legal fight NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump's decision to suspend the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days and institute a 90-day ban on all entry to the United States from citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries has sent ripples across the globe, provoked a political reaction at home and led to high-stakes legal maneuvering. In signing the or... Tue, 31 Jan 2017 05:04:00 GMT 2017-01-31T05:04:00Z CEOs push back against Trump temporary immigration ban NEW YORK (AP) — CEOs of some of the world's biggest companies are fighting back against President Donald Trump's temporary immigration ban, calling it un-American and bad for business. The heads of Apple, Ford and Goldman Sachs said that they don't support the executive order the president signed last week, which bans immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from ente... Tue, 31 Jan 2017 01:31:00 GMT 2017-01-31T01:31:00Z Tech companies protest Trump immigration order NEW YORK (AP) — Google, Apple and other tech giants expressed dismay over an executive order on immigration from President Donald Trump that bars nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. The U.S tech industry relies on foreign engineers and other technical experts for a sizeable percentage of its workforce. The order bars entry ... Sun, 29 Jan 2017 01:44:00 GMT 2017-01-29T01:44:00Z Apple proved a phone can change the world in just 10 years SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Few people realized it at the time, but the world shifted fundamentally a decade ago when Steve Jobs pulled the first iPhone from Apple's bag of technological tricks. "Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything," Jobs declared as he paced across a San Francisco stage. It obvio... Mon, 09 Jan 2017 23:55:00 GMT 2017-01-09T23:55:00Z Apple CEO Tim Cook's pay slumps along with iPhone sales SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple penalized CEO Tim Cook for the iPhone maker's first sales slump in 15 years with a 15 percent pay cut. Cook still did extremely well, with a compensation package valued at $8.7 million for Apple's fiscal year that ended Sept. 24, according to a regulatory filing made Friday. But the amount was down from nearly $10.3 million in the prior year. ... Sat, 07 Jan 2017 00:15:00 GMT 2017-01-07T00:15:00Z Trump tells anxious tech leaders: 'We're here to help' NEW YORK (AP) — President-elect Donald Trump, who faced fierce opposition from some Silicon Valley leaders during the election campaign, strove to assure the titans of tech on Wednesday that his administration is "here to help you folks do well." Trump, still savoring his election victory, convened a summit at Trump Tower for nearly a dozen tech leaders, ... Thu, 15 Dec 2016 00:06:00 GMT 2016-12-15T00:06:00Z Tech leaders to make peace, or press their case, with Trump SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Silicon Valley leaders were among Donald Trump's most outspoken opponents during the presidential campaign. On Wednesday, though, many of them will come face-to-face with the president-elect for the first time since the election. The tech industry had multiple concerns about candidate Trump, among them fears that he would stifle innov... Wed, 14 Dec 2016 18:07:00 GMT 2016-12-14T18:07:00Z Tech leaders couldn't beat Trump; they'll meet him instead SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Technology leaders are about to come face-to-face with President-elect Donald Trump after fiercely opposing his candidacy, fearful that he would stifle innovation, curb the hiring of computer-savvy immigrants and infringe on consumers' digital privacy. On Wednesday, Silicon Valley luminaries and other technology leaders are headed to ... Tue, 13 Dec 2016 19:06:00 GMT 2016-12-13T19:06:00Z Apple chief Tim Cook picked to give MIT commencement speech CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has chosen Apple CEO Tim Cook to deliver its 2017 commencement address. MIT made the announcement on its website Thursday. It says Cook will headline the June 9 ceremony. It calls Cook an advocate for equality and a champion of the environment. MIT President L. Rafael Rei... Fri, 09 Dec 2016 00:31:00 GMT 2016-12-09T00:31:00Z