Ayman al-Zawahri - the best personalized free web-based Email en en Ayman al-Zawahri Airstrike kills 8 family members in northern Syria BEIRUT (AP) — An airstrike killed eight family members, five of them children, as they fled fighting between U.S.-allied Syrian forces and Islamic State militants on Monday, according to local activists, who said the strike appeared to have been launched by the U.S.-led coalition. Al-Qaida's leader meanwhile urged his followers and other militants in Syri... Mon, 24 Apr 2017 17:26:00 GMT 2017-04-24T17:26:00Z Al-Qaida confirms deputy leader killed in US strike in Syria CAIRO (AP) — A U.S. airstrike in Syria earlier this week killed the deputy leader of al-Qaida, known as Abu al-Khayr al-Masri, the group confirmed on Thursday. The death brings a significant blow to the terror network and points to the central role Syria has taken in its operations. Al-Masri, a veteran Egyptian militant, was the deputy of al-Qaida's leade... Thu, 02 Mar 2017 18:26:00 GMT 2017-03-02T18:26:00Z