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You can access your inbox via iPhone app wherever you are and whenever you want. Mobile access gives you the opportunity to perform your daily tasks on the go. Use your account on any mobile device. You always have an optimized view.

Auto-import Mails from Other Providers

If you have more than one email account but don’t want to check each one individually, you can import your third party correspondence into The Mail Collector will help you to bring your email from other providers, even Facebook, into your inbox.

Spam Filter & Antivirus Protection

Seven anti-spam tools auto-protect you from junk mail. You can optimize this protection by setting up individual blacklists. All incoming and outgoing emails (including their attachments) are scanned for viruses using the powerful antivirus engine. We keep your emailing safe.

Usability - Fast and Easy to Use Client

Find out how fast and easy to use is our new email interface! We excluded all futile features to offer you a speedy email service with an easy-to-use interface. Our handy drag & drop functionality ramps up emailing and organizing contacts. Discover more of

Direct Support free email is a free service. There are no hidden costs and of course, we also offer free online English speaking customer support. Whenever you have questions concerning your email account or issues to be solved make sure to contact customer support directly.