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Reasons to optimise your browser

Everything that we access online begins within a web browser. Our entire online experience is therefore shaped by how well this browser functions and responds to the demands that we place upon it. When you optimise your browser with tools from, you gain a more efficient online experience.

Tools to optimise Internet Explorer

Although it was announced on 17th March 2015 that Microsoft would be replacing Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 isn’t going anywhere soon; it is still being maintained and receiving security updates from Microsoft. Furthermore, the Internet Explorer browser is still being used by many internet users on Windows operating systems. With this in mind, has generated a set of tools for those working with Internet Explorer, to help optimise the browser for maximum efficiency. Whether you rely on this familiar browser for personal use, professional use or both, a more efficient online experience is something we can all benefit from.

Tools from to optimise Internet Explorer:

  • The MailCheck function: installing MailCheck in your Internet Explorer browser keeps all of your email communications in sight and within easy reach—ensuring you are on-track and on-task. As you never have to leave your browser, you are able to streamline productivity and increase email efficiency.
  • The toolbar: the toolbar can be added to your browser toolbar, giving you complete access to all of the helpful tools, services and features—like the integrated search and news feed. Stay in touch and keep informed easier with smart toolbar access.
  • The startup page and pinned sites: you can also go into your browser settings and set as your browser Startup Page, giving you access to all of your features immediately with the launch of your Internet Explorer browser. You can also pin sites of interest, allowing you to return to them with one easy click of your mouse.

With all of these add-on features for Internet Explorer, you are able to get more work done at a faster pace.

Internet Explorer browser functionality

There are also some Internet Explorer-specific features that you can utilise to achieve a more efficient online experience, such as:

  • InPrivate browsing—one benefit of working with Internet Explorer is their InPrivate browsing feature, which allows you to browse freely without the webpages you visit or searches you perform being saved to your browser history. Alternatively, you can always view and delete your browser history at will in Internet Explorer. With Internet Explorer, you can rest assured that you have control over your personal information online, keeping it protected.
  • Search suggest—based on your browser history, Internet Explorer recommends other sites, as well as search terms, apps, and content-based suggestions which you might be interested in. This makes web surfing fast and efficient.
  • Print webpages—Internet Explorer also offers easy print options to print entire webpages, or to print a picture from the page.
  • Ease of access options—designed to make search even faster, Internet Explorer has a collection, including: keyboard shortcuts; zoom features; font, formatting and colour adjustments; screen reader; and voice recognition software, all designed to make working within your desktop browser more efficient.

System Requirements

Internet Explorer 11 has a minimum requirement for the following Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 and Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1

If your PC does not fullfill the minimum requirements, you will get the latest version of the Internet Explorer which works for your Operating System.

Free Download

By downloading the application, you agree to the End User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy.