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Weather Report
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Keep yourself updated with the weather report.

On this page you can check the current weather conditions for your location or find the weather forecast for a particular city by using the search bar in the top of the page. You have the possibility to search for weather forecast for the whole world.

The weather report provides you with the current temperature and gives you detailed information on today's weather such as the highest and the lowest temperature, wind speed, humidity and Visibility. A short description of the weather throughout the day is also provided. The weather report can be shown in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. To change between Fahrenheit and Celsius please click on either of the two 'See the forecast in celsius/See the forecast in Fahrenheit' links placed on the page.

The '5-day forecast' gives you a quick overview of how the weather is going to be the next five days. To find the weather report for a particular location enter a city in the search bar and click the 'Show Forecast' button. If you search did not return any weather forecast then try the following search suggestions: Make sure that the city is spelled correctly and replace any abbreviations with the entire word.

For some searches a city name matches several locations. To make sure that we provide you with the right weather information, a list with the possible locations is displayed, in cases where more than one location fits the city name. In these cases please select the right location from the list to see the matching weather report.