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Microsoft Outlook and

For many people who are accustomed to using a mail client such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail or Thunderbird, losing the ability to send and receive emails with that mail client would be disastrous. Thus, ensures the compatibility of Outlook with the numerous benefits that come with a account. By using both Outlook and, you have the flexibility and security you need and the comfort of a mail client you know.

The outlook on Outlook

Outlook is a familiar face to many who work with PCs in general and Microsoft in particular, and there is no need to abandon that familiarity just because you want to enjoy’s services such as spam filters, multiple email management and high attachment limit. Log into directly from a browser when you are on the go or not in front of your usual computer, and set up your account in Outlook so that you can continue to organize your emails as you see fit in the mail client you prefer.

Outlook and your new email experience

Outlook works with both POP3 and IMAP, which gives you even more flexibility in terms of how you retrieve your emails from You can choose to set up your account with POP3, which enables you to specify when new mail should be retrieved from the server; or you can use IMAP, which has certain advantages over POP3. Using IMAP means that your mail client retrieves new mails as soon as they are on the server. What’s more, if you read a message on a mobile device, when your mail client retrieves it from the server it will already be marked as read, saving you the hassle of needing to “re-read” an email. Either way, using and Microsoft Outlook together makes for a wonderfully secure and simple email experience.

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