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Thunderbird and

If you use an open source email client such as Thunderbird, you will be able to continue using your email client with your account. The advantage to using Thunderbird instead of logging into via a browser is that you are familiar with the email client and have configured it to your needs. Rather than putting you in a position to have to learn a new program on your own computer, has ensured that it support the use of Thunderbird so that you can enjoy the benefits of - such as spam protection, virus detection and multiple account management – without having to sacrifice your preferred mail client.

Thunderbird, a familiar interface

While logging into is ideal when you are on holiday or on the road away from your home or office computer, using your familiar Thunderbird email client when you are reading emails at your desk is also a pleasant experience. Simply add your account to Thunderbird, and your emails will automatically be retrieved according to the protocol you select when adding your account.

Combine benefits of Thunderbird with advantages of

Thunderbird supports both POP3 and IMAP, which means you have even more control over how your emails are retrieved from Regardless of whether you choose POP3 or IMAP, combining all of the benefits you get when you sign up for a account with the user-friendly interface of Thunderbird means you can still view and organize your emails as you see best.

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