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Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes and

Many people who choose also like to read their emails in a mail client such as Lotus Notes, Apple Mail or Outlook Express. In fact, many businesses use Lotus Notes as the default mail client, making its compatibility with essential for those who also want to keep their business life organized on Naturally, we have taken this into account and ensured that our services function seamlessly with Lotus Notes.

Enjoy the advantages of both Lotus Notes and

Lotus Notes is more than just an email client, which is what makes it so endearing to those who use it. With, you don’t have to give up what you like about Lotus Notes just so you can take advantage of the many benefits offered at Rather, we have designed our services to support Lotus Notes, which means that you can continue to use the program for work while reaping the benefits of

Lotus Notes on the go with

Keep using Lotus Notes on your work computer so that you can organize your emails as you like from the comfort of your desk, and use so that you can stay organized and up-to-date while you are away from your desk. works with POP3 and IMAP, allowing you to set up your account and your Lotus Notes mail client in the way that best suits you and your needs. With Lotus Notes, you can also view your emails on your mobile device, which means you even have the ability to use Lotus Notes in tandem with while you are on the go.

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