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Mail Collectors - All your emails in one place

The Mail Collector service offered by allows you to organize and simplify your life. In this day and age, most of us have several email addresses, which we use to separate our business life from our personal, our family affairs from our social ones, etc. Multitaskers and busy individuals will love the opportunity to view both business email and personal correspondence in one place! The ability to manage multiple accounts from one place is one of the unique advantages offered by

Universal access - Complete control from anywhere in the world

Universal access is crucial to anyone with multiple email accounts. Our Mail Collector offers you that much needed accessibility. No matter where you find yourself, you can manage all your business email and personal correspondence quickly and easily at By using our forwarding feature, you can have all your correspondence easily organized in one place. No need for constantly logging in and out of separate accounts, our Mail Collector has made such hassles unnecessary. Create email account at and discover the benefits of universal email access!

Multiple accounts? No problem with Mail Collector

Regardless which of the thousand of account providers you use, at, all are welcome. Our Mail Collector will help you consolidate all your correspondence, whether business or personal, and easily manage it. is also proud to ensure a secure connection to your most personal and private documents every time you log in. Security and privacy are of utmost importance to us, and naturally to you too. With Mail Collector, privacy will never be an issue. Take advantage of this convenient, timesaving feature and discover how much easier life is with a Mail Collector.

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