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Secure online storage right in your mailbox

mail.com Cloud

  • 2 GB of free cloud storage

  • Share files with trusted contacts
  • Safe cloud backup for photos and documents
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Cloud storage in your mail.com account

Simply log in to your mail.com account to access our cloud service directly from your mailbox. Cloud from mail.com offers:

  • 2 GB free storage in cloud with option to upgrade
  • Upload files in most formats and sizes
  • Personalized folders
  • Completely secure online storage
  • Accessible wherever you have an internet connection
  • Easy file sharing

What is cloud storage?

Saving files “to the cloud” means using the internet to store your data on servers that are in a separate physical location. It has several advantages: Cloud storage lets you expand the amount of data you can save beyond the internal storage limits of your computer or mobile device. You can access your files from anywhere you have an internet connection - and share them with others as well. And storing backup copies of photos and documents in the cloud gives you an extra layer of protection if your computer or phone gets stolen, lost, etc.

Secure file sharing and backup

The mail.com Cloud gives you access to the benefits of secure, high-quality cloud storage:

file sharing

Easy online file sharing

Sometimes it’s easier to just share a link instead of sending photos or documents as email attachments. This is where our free file sharing feature comes in, letting you grant others temporary access to specific folders or files.


Secure cloud backup

When you back up your data with our Cloud, you can be sure it will be secure at all times. This gives you peace of mind should your mobile device or computer be lost, damaged or stolen.

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FAQs: Cloud

How do I start using the mail.com Cloud?

Cloud is a standard online file storage feature in your mail.com email account:

  1. After you log in, look for > Organizational Tools in the left navigation bar. 
  2. Click on > Cloud to immediately start using the cloud. 
  3. To copy files from your computer’s hard drive to the mail.com cloud, just click > Upload. Even easier, simply drag and drop files from your computer’s file manager directly into Cloud. 
  4. After you have uploaded photos and documents to Cloud, you can keep things organized using > Create folder. 
  5. To save email attachments that others send you, simply select the attachment and click > Save (Cloud) to store it here safely.


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