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Mail Collector

Manage Multiple Email Accounts

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With emails for work, your personal life, or perhaps even a side business, sometimes just one email account simply won’t do. However, when you create an email account with, we also offer our Mail Collector Service, which allows you to manage multiple email accounts from one easy platform.

What is the Mail Collector Service from

The Mail Collector Service from allows you to access multiple email accounts from a single location. Whether you have a demanding life that requires a high level of multitasking or you merely like to have an overview of everything and ensure that it all remains neatly organized, keeping all of your email in one place allows you to coordinate and simplify your life.

Gone are the days of logging in and out of separate email accounts from different providers; save yourself time and hassle: manage multiple accounts with the free online email services.

Complete control over your multiple accounts

For those who are managing multiple email accounts with, we offer the added advantage of universal access. Universal access allows you to have complete accessibility and control from anywhere and from any device.

If you are on the go, you can easily access multiple email accounts and your online calendar from your mobile device, and then when you get home or to the office, you can switch over and have full access from your laptop or desktop as well. Access to multiple accounts over several devices, that’s the difference.

Consolidation is key: all email in one place

Regardless of which email account providers you use, you can manage all of your multiple email accounts with Our Mail Collector Service helps you consolidate all of your email in one location, whether business or personal, which allows you to more easily manage your correspondence.

Moreover, this impeccable service is all offered through our secure connection. Whether one email or multiple email accounts, security is important to everyone for all of their communications. At we give you peace of mind along with the simplicity of consolidated email all in one place.

How the Mail Collector Service works

In order to be able to use the Mail Collector Service, you first have to create an email account with to serve as your primary account. You can then import your email addresses from other services to your webmail account; at which point the Mail Collector automatically retrieves these emails and forwards them to your mailbox.

The Mail Collector works in a similar manner as Outlook or Thunderbird: emails are accessed via POP3. Your existing email history will all be retrieved after the Mail Collector has been set up; afterward, the Mail Collector will only retrieve the new emails that you receive. The emails are accessed with SSL encryption and then checked for spam. In addition, you can define rules for how the collected emails are sorted.

You have the following options when using the Mail Collector to manage multiple email accounts:

  • Delete emails from the other mailbox after they are retrieved by your mailbox
  • Save retrieved emails in a separate folder (otherwise they will appear in the inbox)
  • Use the Mail Collector email address when replying to/forwarding an email (otherwise the default address will be used)
  • If you have configured a Mail Collector, you can also use the external email address as the sender address in an email 

Configuring the Mail Collector

Once you set up multiple email accounts to be forwarded to your account, you can edit the settings and configurations at any time. When you are logged into your account, simply go to the Mail Collector tool and to the email address that you would like to change. Just click on the wrench tool icon to open up editing options to make and save the relevant changes. Alternatively, you can also completely delete the email addresses from the Mail Collector by clicking the delete icon.

You can also configure sending options for your multiple email accounts individually or as a collective; this includes “priority”, “confidential”, “attach vcard”, “read receipt requests”, and an autoresponder for when you are going on holidays or are out of the office. To set an auto-response message across your multiple accounts, enter your email settings, click on “autoresponder”, and then move your mouse over the appropriate email addresses and click the wrench tool icon. Write your auto-response message and set a time period for the message and click save. If for whatever reason you need to deactivate your autoresponder within the allotted time period, simply switch the autoresponder time period to "never" and click “save”.

Stress-free, quick and efficient; with so many features and time-saving functions, the Mail Collector Service is your optimal solution to manage multiple email accounts with ease. Try it today! 

Features of the Mail Collector Service from

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Usable with external email providers
  • Universal access
  • Includes an online calendar
  • Comprehensive email archiving
  • Spam filter and Antivirus
  • Helpful customer support

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