smiling man with iPhone walking down the street using app

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smiling man with iPhone walking down the street using app

How to get the Mail app for iOS or iPadOS

It just takes three steps to download and install the app on your device:

  1. Go the official Apple App Store and search for “”
  2. Tap the symbol to download, then tap > Open
  3. Enter your email address and password
Now you can start enjoying the convience of managing your emails wherever you go!

Your emails right at your fingertips

It’s easier than ever to manage your emails with these intuitive functions:

write a new email mail app

Write a new email

To compose a new email, just tap the pencil symbol in the top right corner of your inbox and start writing your message. To select a recipient from your Contacts, tap the “+” symbol that appears in the To: field. And of course, when you are finished just tap > Send.

check your emails refresh swipe down mail app

Check your emails

If you want to manually check if any new emails have arrived, just place your finger at the top of your inbox and drag it down the screen. This causes your inbox to refresh. Unread messages display a blue dot next to the sender name.

delete email swipe left mail app

Delete emails

Get rid of unwanted emails in your inbox by placing your finger on the right side of the preview field and quickly swiping to the left. This will send the email to your Trash folder, where it will remain for the defined storage period before being permanently deleted.

more email actions swipe left mail app

Other email actions

What if you don’t want to immediately delete an email, but rather move it to another folder, star it, or mark it as spam? This time swipe slowly to the left and select your preferred action from the options that appear.

Start using the Cloud – with our Mail app


Did you know that your email account comes with 2 GB of free cloud storage for your documents, photos, etc.? And even better, that you can access your Cloud directly from the iOS Mail app? Simply tap the Cloud icon in your Mail app to get started. Tapping the “+” symbol in the upper right corner opens a menu that allows you to upload photos, create folders, and even scan and upload documents to your Cloud. If you need even more online storage space, you can upgrade to 20 GB, 50 GB or 100 GB.

Your mailbox – just the way you like it

Customize your email app so it works best for you

multiple email accounts enveloppes

Add more email accounts

You can use the Mail app to manage multiple email accounts. Tap the icon in the upper left corner to open the menu, and then > Add Account next to the logo. Now all you have to do is enter another email address and the associated password to start managing all your email accounts from a single app.

email notifications synchronization

Set up email notifications

The app lets you choose if and how you receive email notifications. If you have enabled push notifications for the Mail app, you can go to > Mail Settings > Notifications to change the notification sound for incoming emails and select which folders you’d like notifications for. You also have the option of turning off push notifications.

sender name and address email enveloppe

Pick your sender name and address

You can set the name you want email recipients to see – for example a nickname, your first name only, or your full name. Just go to > Mail Settings > Sender name. And if you have alias addresses set up for your account, you can also select which email address you want recipients to see by tapping > Mail Settings > Sender addresses.

email preview options mail app wrench

Set your email preview options

Customize the display settings for how you see new emails in your inbox – just the subject, or the first few lines of text. Go to the main menu and tap > Settings > Mail Settings. Now tap > Preview and select how you’d like your emails to be displayed in your inbox. You can choose to have up to five lines of the message appear as a preview.

FAQs: Mail app for iOS and IPadOS

What kind of Apple apps does offer? has Mail apps that work on the Apple iPhone (iOS) and iPad (iPadOS). Just use the device in question to download the Mail app from the App Store.

Step by step instructions

Access your mailbox using the app for Android

Access your mailbox from your browser

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