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To attach or not to attach?

Ever tried to send an email attachment only to be frustrated by size restrictions? At you will rarely encounter this problem thanks to our generous attachment limit of 30 MB. However, sometimes your recipient’s overcrowded inbox or email provider restrictions can make it more convenient to send pictures or documents using’s free online file sharing function. Simply upload files or images to the Cloud in your account. Now you can create a link to share with trusted recipients, allowing them to view the file or even download it for editing. No need to go searching for a third-party file-sharing service you can trust – you can do it all using your familiar, secure mailbox. It couldn’t be easier!

Advantages of our Cloud file sharing

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Use the drag-and-drop function to upload your files to the cloud and create a share link in seconds.

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It’s easy to email the share link to your desired recipients – even if they don’t have a account.

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With's Cloud, you can upload and share files of practically any format, from documents to MP4.

How do I share my files?

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Use’s free Cloud feature to share photos or transfer files online in five simple steps:

  1. Click > Cloud in top navigation bar of your mailbox
  2. Upload image or file you wish to share
  3. Select file and click > Share to create guest link
  4. Send link to desired recipient
  5. Recipient then clicks link to view or download file

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