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All your emails in one place

mail.com Migration Service

  • Automatically collect emails from your old accounts

  • Import your contacts and calendar entries
  • Upload your files to the Cloud for easy access
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mail.com makes it easy to migrate emails, addresses and more

Are you thinking about creating a new email account with mail.com, but worried about the headache of notifying everybody about your new address and moving all your important messages, contacts and files from your old email account? Fortunately, mail.com lets you manage multiple email accounts from one place and makes it a breeze to import your contacts, files and appointments. Sign up with mail.com to have all emails in one place – even from accounts with different providers. Sound too good to be true? mail.com makes it all possible in four simple steps:

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1. Set up Mail Collector to check all email accounts

One drawback of having several email accounts is always having to log in and out of each account to check your mail. The mail.com Mail Collector solves this problem by letting you manage all your email accounts in one place. Once it’s set up, it can sort incoming emails into the folders you define or send them directly to your mail.com inbox.

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2. Import contacts from your old email accounts

Once you have set up a new mail.com account, you’ll want to have access to all your personal and business contacts from your old email account(s). With Contacts, the mail.com address book, it’s easy to import email addresses, phone numbers and more. Contacts is also compatible with all address book apps that support the CardDav standard. This means you can also synchronize your contacts with your iOS or Android smartphone.

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3. Transfer your online calendar to mail.com

An online calendar is often the best way to stay on top of everything you need to get done. So mail.com offers an easy-to-use Organizer for keeping track of all your appointments and meetings. And when you set up your new mail.com account, you don’t have to worry about entering the important dates from your old calendar (e.g. Outlook or Google) all over again. In a matter of minutes, you can export these appointments in iCalendar format and then import them into your mail.com Organizer.

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4. Move your files to the mail.com Cloud

If you used your old email account to store photos and documents, don’t forget to move them as well! Use the mail.com Cloud for online storage and enjoy benefits such as secure servers and strict adherence to data protection standards. mail.com offers you 2 GB of free file storage in addition to 65 GB of email storage. If you think you’ll need more space in your Cloud, you can upgrade to 10 GB or 100 GB. So don’t worry – with mail.com, you’ll always have enough room for your data.

FAQs: Email in one place

How do I use Mail Collector to check multiple email accounts from one place?

Our Mail Collector feature lets you manage your email all in one account. If you don’t yet have a mail.com account, first create one to serve as your primary email account for Mail Collector. You can then enter your email addresses and passwords from other services under > Mail Collector in your secure mail.com inbox. Now incoming emails from those accounts will automatically be retrieved and forwarded to your mail.com account. This process is extremely secure: Emails are retrieved with SSL encryption and checked for spam. In addition, you can use filter rules to sort the collected emails.

Still don’t have a mail.com account?