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Set up filters to stay on top of your email

  • Spam filter rules keep inbox junk-free

  • Sort incoming messages automatically
  • Use templates or customize settings
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Keep your inbox organized with email filter rules

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Tired of scrolling around in your email inbox to find the messages you need? Keep forgetting to move mails into your folders? Want to send annoying messages straight to your Spam folder? With our easy-to-set-up filter rules, mail.com can help you keep track of your emails – no matter how many your receive every day. With mail.com, it’s a snap to activate templates to categorize your messages or even create your own rules.

Set up filter rules in just a few clicks

One thing you can do with mail.com email filters is forward emails from a specific contact directly to a folder. For example, emails from your mother could automatically go into a folder named “Family” and messages from your business partner could go into “Work.” You can also create filter rules to make sure that junk mail goes right to your Spam folder. mail.com has set up several templates for frequently used email filters, letting you automatically:

  • Move emails from a specific sender
  • Move emails with a specific subject
  • Forward emails to another email account (Premium only)
And for those times when you need a greater range of filter options, mail.com makes it easy to set up custom email filter rules.

How to filter email in your mail.com inbox

You can select a filter for certain messages or create your own in just a few easy steps:

  1. In your mail.com account, click > E-mail at the top of the screen
  2. In the side navigation bar, select > Settings > Filter Rules
  3. To set a quick filter, choose an option from “Frequently used Filter Rules” and define your desired rule using the selections available
  4. To set up a custom filter rule, click > Create Personal Filter Rules and add or subtract conditions
  5. When you’re ready, click > Create Filter Rule and your filter rule will immediately be applied

Need help with this? You’ll find detailed instructions in our Help Center.

FAQs: Email filter rules

What are email filter rules?

Simply put, this feature allows you to automatically sort your incoming messages as well as emails you’ve already received. You can create an email filter rule to move certain categories of messages into a particular folder or even delete them if you wish. For example, you can set up a filter rule for your work email address that immediately sends all incoming emails from a specific business contact to a predefined folder in your inbox. Filter rules make it easier to keep track of important emails. You’ll also spend less time manually sorting messages and cleaning up your inbox – and more time being productive.

How do email filter rules work?

An email filter rule is composed of two parts: conditions and tasks.

  • Condition: The criteria that must be met in order for the filter rule to be triggered, e.g. sender or recipient address, email priority, email size, etc.
  • Task: The action to be performed when the condition is met, e.g. delete, copy/move to folder, mark as read, etc.

When an email which fulfills a defined condition arrives in your account, the task that you have assigned will automatically be carried out. 

When creating a filter rule, it’s also possible to set multiple conditions and tasks. For example, you can select a specific email address and subject line as the conditions, and “mark as read” and “move to folder” as the tasks. To set up the conditions and tasks of your email filter rules, log in to your mail.com account and go to > E-mail > Settings > Filter Rules.

How do I create folders to organize my inbox?

  1. Log in to your mail.com account and click > E-mail at the top of the screen.
  2. Go to the folder list in the left navigation bar and click > New folder.
  3. Type a folder name and click the “+” symbol. The folder will now appear on the list of folders in your inbox.
  4. To customize the settings for that folder, mouse over the folder name and click on the wrench symbol that appears next to it.
  5. You can drag and drop messages into the new folder or create filter rules to move emails to it automatically (see above).
  6. You can create up to 256 folders and store approximately half a million emails in your mailbox.

How do I automatically forward incoming messages to another email account?

Setting up a filter rule to automatically forward all incoming messages to another account is a mail.com Premium feature. Upgrade today to unlock this feature! You’ll find it under > E-mail > Settings > Filter Rules.

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