smiling woman on couch setting up app on android smartphone email app for Android

Make the most of your email with our Mail app

  • Highly secure app is easy to use

  • Download on all your Android devices
  • Customize notifications and more
smiling woman on couch setting up app on android smartphone

How to get started with our Android email app

Download and install the app in just three simple steps:

  1. Go the Play Store and search for “”
  2. Download and open our Mail app
  3. Enter your email address and password
That’s it! Now you can read, send and receive emails wherever you are.

Your emails right at your fingertips

It’s easier than ever to manage your emails with these intuitive functions:

write email android app hand

Write emails

Just tap the blue pencil symbol to start writing your message.

delete emails mail app swipe finger left

Delete emails

Place your finger on an email and swipe left to delete it.

check emails mail app refresh swipe finger down

Check emails

Place your finger on the screen and swipe down to refresh the page.

find emails mail app magnifying glass hand

Find emails

Tap the magnifying glass symbol in the upper right corner to search your inbox.

Take your Cloud with you

Cloud icon

The cloud is one of the multiple mail features included in your account. Every email account comes with 2 GB of free cloud storage – no extra sign-up required. Now you can access your Cloud directly from our Mail App for Android! All files that you have saved in your Cloud are right at your fingertips, and you can upload new photos, documents, etc. right from your phone. You can also activate an automatic upload function for photos and videos. And if you’d like even more online storage space, you can check out our 10 GB and 100 GB Cloud plans.

An inbox tailored to your needs

Customize your settings to optimize your email experience

multiple mail accounts enveloppes

Manage multiple email accounts

Have more than one email account? Your Mail app can handle it! Tap the icon in the upper right corner to open the menu, then > Add account. Enter your other email address(es) and password(s), and you can start sending and receiving all your emails from a single app.

notifications synchronization

Notifications the way you like them

With the app, you can select how you want to receive email notifications. You can set up push notifications under > General settings > Notifications, where you can also customize ring tones and vibrations. You’ll also find the Quiet Time feature to disable notifications whenever you like.

person pencil

Set you name, address and signature

You have the option of choosing the name you want your email recipients to see. Go to > Account settings and tap on your email address. This will open a screen where you can not only set how your recipients see your sender information but change your email signature as well.

folder with wrench

Organize your inbox

It’s easy to keep track of your emails by sorting them into different folders. You can create folders directly in the Mail app for Android and change the order in which they appear in your folder list. Tap on > Folders and a folder icon will appear. Tap this icon to change the settings.

FAQs: Mail app for Android

Is the Android email app secure?

Of course! Whether you use our webmail or our mobile app on your Android device, your emails and other data are safe with Our servers enjoy the highest possible level of security and we respect data privacy regulations. For an additional layer of security, you can also set up a PIN in the Mail app to protect your inbox (see below).

How do I set up a PIN code for my email account?

You can set up a PIN code for your Mail app under  > General settings. Now tap > Data protection > PIN code required. You’ll be asked to create a 4-digit PIN and confirm it by re-entering the number. From now on, you will have to enter this PIN to get into your email account. If your Android smartphone has a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition, you have the option of using them to unlock the app instead of the PIN. These options must be activated in your device settings.

How do I change my password or security options?

Tap the gearwheel symbol, then your email address. This will open the Account Settings screen where you can view or change your personal data or password. 

Can I take screenshots directly from the Mail app?

Yes, you just have to activate the screenshot function. Go to > General settings > Privacy, then tap > Enable Screenshots.

I need help with this. Are there detailed instructions for using the Mail app?

We’ve got you covered! For detailed instructions on using the Mail app features, please see our Help Center. 

Step by step instructions

Mailbox access from the app for iOS and iPadOS

Mailbox access from your browser

Still don’t have a account?