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Man with reading glasses working with a laptop Search: Easily Locate What You Require

The Search function helps you find any file and email in your account

Want to locate a recipe or work document someone sent you a few months ago? Don't waste time manually searching your inbox for one specific email or attachment. Instead, use the Search feature to quickly and effortlessly track down what you're after.

What can the Search function do for me?

Whether using your account for personal or professional means, there will always come a moment when we need to track something down. Using the Search feature allows you the opportunity to save yourself valuable time by not having to scroll through hundreds of emails. This is especially important for anyone with lots of emails and very little time. Specific search words will usually work best, such as 'meeting' or 'coffee'. Thankfully, the cross-service Search function will also look through your Organizer, File Storage, and Contacts, which means you won't have to look separately through each tab. 

If you want more out of the feature than searching for emails then you’re in luck, as Search also gives you the ability to perform a Google search. A Google function is integrated directly into the search bar, so if you wanted to look up the weather in Spain while emailing a friend about a holiday, then it’s possible to do this from the same search bar. The tool will also give suggestions based on your search request.

Can I search for emails, attachments, and pictures?

The Search function allows users to look for anything in your account! No matter if you want to search for a document, appointment, or even search for a picture, then our feature will help you get there. For anyone with a professional email address, it takes far too long to look for information by reading separate emails, so just let us do the hard work and enter in whatever you’re looking for into the Search bar. This will ensure you find it within seconds, which means more time for your other projects or simply relaxing. If you need to search for an appointment, you can look up the name of a person, meeting point, or anything other distinguishing information to find it as fast as possible.

All you have to do to make use of this great tool is to log in to your account, click the "Search" button in the top right-hand corner, and then type whatever it is you're looking for into the search bar. The design is clear and the experience is seamless, so start making use of this great option today. Remember that this is more than just a way to search for an email, because the tool will also scan your Organizer, Contacts, and File Storage. Even better, you can make use of the fact that you have an integrated Google search feature from the same navigation bar! No need to bring up a new tab, just use the Search function and save precious time.

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