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father and daughter enjoying selecting mail.com domain names on tablet

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Enter your desired combination of user and domain names and our quick domain check will tell you if that email address is available. You can continue with your mail.com email sign-up whenever you’re ready. In addition to @mail.com, we offer more than 100 domain names – so if you don’t see the one you want here, check out the email domain lists on the page below.

Our top 25 domain names

First impressions count—make your mark with mail.com

Here at mail.com, we think that different email domains are a great way to bring a little personality to your email address or to give it a professional touch. We offer more than 100 domain names, but these are the undeniable favorites:

An email address as unique as you

For many of us, email is an indispensable part of our daily communications. So it’s important to make sure that your new email address is both unique and easy to remember. Don’t be limited by a user name like “smith29488” and an email domain name you share with countless others. Discover more than 100 free mail.com domain names on the lists below. And if you are looking for inspiration or pointers, we’ve put together some email address ideas for you.

Email address ideas

Email domain? What is that exactly

An email address is made up of a username, an @ symbol, and a domain name. So, your email domain is the part of your email address that comes after the @ symbol, e.g., mail.com, usa.com, or any of the other 100+ free email domains listed below. Because the email domain is associated with a specific email server, your email domain tells the mail delivery system where to deliver the messages addressed to you. An email domain either comes from the email provider, e.g., mail.com, yahoo, etc., or a custom email domain can be purchased from a web hosting service.

More about email domains

FAQ: Email domains

How can I create a free email address with a domain name?

If you would like to customize your free email address using one of mail.com’s 100+ email domains, simply use our domain chooser at the top of the page, or alternatively, click on the domain name in the list below. You will be taken to our sign-up page, where you can check if your desired username is available in combination with that domain. You can try out different combinations until you find the perfect custom email address for you. Then you can proceed with registration by filling out the rest of the form.

How do you get an email address with a custom domain?

If you want a truly unique, customized email domain, you will have to go through an email hosting service, web hosting service, or website builder. These providers offer custom email domains for purchase, or for free in conjunction with a paid web hosting plan. However, a free customizable email address can be made using our wide selection of email domains below.

How does an email domain work?

The email domain is the part of your email address after the @ symbol. When you send an email, it first goes to a SMTP server. This outgoing mail server looks at the email domain of the delivery address to know which email server handles mails for that domain. It then transfers your message to the recipient server.

Are email domain names case sensitive?

No. You could type in [username]@Mail.com, @mail.com, or even @mAiL.com in an email address field and the message would still be delivered. 

Customize your email address with more than 100 domain names

Domains make a statement about your interests and ideas. Different email domains evoke different emotions, so choose your custom email address based on the image you want to communicate. If you need a professional-sounding domain to use in a business email, but would prefer something more lighthearted for your messages to family and friends, don’t worry! You can create up to 10 free email addresses with your account and manage them all with a single mail.com login. All our email domain names are listed below. Simply click to check if a domain is availability with your preferred user name.

Available domains for your new email address

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