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Alias addresses with mail.com

Up to 10 unique email addresses in one account

  • Create separate addresses for different purposes

  • Use multiple email aliases from one mailbox
  • Choose from more than 200 domain names
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Add aliases for multiple addresses in a single email account

Envelope email alias addresses

One account, several addresses

If you freelance or own a small business, you probably don’t want to use your professional email address to send and receive personal messages. But wouldn’t you like to avoid the hassle of creating multiple email accounts - not to mention having to remember different passwords? Or maybe you don’t want to reveal your primary address in certain email exchanges. With your mail.com email account, you can use one central mailbox to send and receive messages from several email addresses. And with more than 200 domain names available, you can create a free email account to use for your family group, volunteer activities, side hustle, or any other personal or professional scenario.

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What is an alias email address?

An alias email address is an additional address associated with your account that you can use to send or reply to emails. With mail.com, you can send email from up to 10 different sender addresses, including the address you initially registered with. When you choose to send an email from an alias address, the recipient of your correspondence will not see your name or the email address you created when you signed up for your mail.com account. Instead, they will see exactly what you want them to see: your email alias. Recipients can also reply to the alias address or use it to send you new messages. Emails sent to any of your alias email addresses will arrive in your mail.com inbox. Our extensive selection of domains means you have a wide range of options for customizing your alias email addresses.

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How to create an alias email address

You can set up an email alias in your mail.com account in just a few clicks of the mouse. Follow the instructions below to create up to nine additional email addresses:

  • Log in to your mail.com account on your computer.
  • Go to > Settings > Alias Addresses.
  • Enter your desired user name and select an email domain.
  • Click > Create alias address.

FAQs: Alias addresses

Can I log in to my account with my alias address?

Yes, you can log in using any of the alias email addresses linked to your account. All of your account’s email aliases work in combination with your account password.

Can I change an alias email address?

Once an email address has been created, it can no longer be edited. However, it is always possible to create a new email alias and delete an unwanted one. Before you delete an address, be absolutely certain that you no longer wish to use it. Once deleted, it will remain blocked and unusable for at least one year. So if you intend to get rid of a much-used address, you might want to consider keeping it long enough to be sure that all of your contacts have started using the new one.

Do emails sent to my alias email addresses land in my inbox?

By default, all messages sent to any of the email addresses associated with your account will arrive in your main inbox. If you wish, you can create a filter rule to automatically route them to a separate folder. 

How do I change my default sender address?

On your computer, sign in to your mail.com account.

  1. Go to > Settings > Alias Addresses.
  2. In the 'Created E-mail Addresses' list, mouse over the address you would like to set as your default sender address.
  3. Click on the wrench icon that appears on the right.
  4. Set your alias address as your default and click > OK.

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