two women setting up email account on laptop web browser

Your email account: First steps

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two women setting up email account on laptop web browser

The first steps to customizing your new email account

Have you just created a email account? We offer lots of options for customizing your email settings and preferences for a truly unique email experience. Explore the first steps below!

Customize your inbox and emails

Step one

Home page

When you log in to your account in a web browser, you will start here for an overview of all your unread emails as well as your inbox features. In the left navigation bar, head to “Personalization” to change the display color of your inbox or select a different language – your inbox is available in English, French or Spanish.

Display emails

Go to your email inbox by clicking > E-mail at the top of the page. By default, your emails are listed on the left of your inbox with a preview pane on the right. If you prefer, you can change these display settings by clicking > Change View in the upper right corner. Next to this button you can click > Sort to change the order in which your messages are listed in your inbox.

Email signature

If you would like a specific closing, signature or address to appear automatically at the end of every email you send, you can set up a signature. Simply click > Settings in the left navigation bar. Under > Compose E-mail, you’ll find an option for adding a signature. Under > Settings is also where you’ll find options for setting automatic replies, default sender address and more.

Get your inbox organized

Step two

folder notification enveloppes

Set up folders

To the left of your inbox, you’ll see several default folders such as Trash and Spam. To change the amount of time emails are stored in these folders before automatic deletion, mouse over the folder name and click the wrench icon that appears on the right. If you’d like to create additional folders, click “New folder” at the bottom of the folder list and type in the desired name. To set up email filters to automatically sort certain messages to specified folders, go to > Settings > Filter Rules. And under > Settings > Folder Overview, you can see the storage time set for each folder as well as the amount of storage being used by each folder. enveloppe mail contacts calendar migration

Add or migrate contacts

Add email addresses to your Contacts so you’ll always have them available when you want to write a new email – and to keep messages from these trusted senders from landing in your Spam folder. Simply click > Contacts in the top menu bar, then > New Contact to type in names, email addresses, cell phone numbers and more. If you have contacts saved in an email account from a different provider, you can also migrate your contacts to your new inbox so you don’t have to type them all in again. Click > Import Contacts and follow the instructions there, or see our Help Center for additional directions.

alias addresses @ mail enveloppe

Create additional addresses

One of’s most popular features is our alias addresses, or multiple email addresses within the same account. If you’d like to have separate addresses for your freelance business, your messages to family members, and your correspondence with service providers, for instance, simply click > Settings > Alias Addresses to create up to 10 email addresses that you can use from a single inbox. Once you have created an additional address, you can mouse over the name and click the wrench icon to set that address as your default sender. You can also set up folders for each of your addresses as described above.

secure password

Check your security settings is an extremely secure email service provider, so you can rest assured that your emails and personal data are in safe hands. But there are a few additional steps you can take to maximize your account security. Make sure you have chosen a strong password for your account, and only save the password in your browser if you are sure that no one else has access to your device. And since passwords can be forgotten, make sure you provide us with a cell phone number or alternative email address for our password recovery process. From the Home page, click on > Security Options to make sure this information is up to date. You can view other security settings under > E-mail Settings.

Set up our Mail app on your mobile devices

Step three

Would you like to use our Mail app to access your email account on your mobile devices? Check out our guides to get you started with our apps for iOS, iPadOS and Android:

Mail app for Apple devices

Mail app for Android devices

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