smiling couple uses laptop to check email

MailCheck: Intelligent notifications

Instant email notifications in your browser

  • Email add-on is easy to install

  • See new messages without extra log in
  • Check all your email accounts at once
smiling couple uses laptop to check email

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The fast solution for more efficient email

How much time do you spend checking your email each day? Email is one of the most essential methods of communication, so staying on top of your incoming messages is extremely important. The MailCheck browser extension from offers a convenient solution that gets the job done quickly. Simply install the add-on to see new email notifications and access your messages directly in your browser toolbar. You can set up the one-click email login for multiple accounts – and not just for email addresses from, but several other providers as well.

Install MailCheck to enjoy these features:

multiple email accounts enveloppes

Multiple accounts

Consolidate your different email accounts here to see all your new messages at a glance.

Easy access hand browser window

Easy access

Read new messages and write emails with a single click – no need to log in and out each time.

sound settings mail enveloppe

Sound settings

Customize your email settings to activate or deactivate notification sounds for each account.

browser enveloppe notification

Browser notification

Browser icon instantly shows the number of new emails in all accounts you’ve added to MailCheck.

FAQs: Email in your browser

How do I access my inbox with one click?

After you have downloaded and installed the MailCheck email add-on, you will be asked to enter your email address and password – in other words, to perform one full login. Once you have done so, you can check your email in your browser with a single click on the MailCheck envelope icon that will appear in the toolbar. This lets you skip the usual steps of going to your email provider’s login page, clicking log in, and signing in with your username and password. You can enter your user name and password for additional email accounts by clicking the gearwheel for > Settings and then selecting > Add account. Now you can access multiple inboxes with a single click.

Is the MailCheck browser extension secure? is an extremely secure email provider. We take data protection and privacy seriously. All of our email security features – secure data transfer and servers, spam filters and virus protection – are standard to MailCheck as well. And all the accounts you add to MailCheck are still protected by your passwords. However, we always recommend locking your screen if you are away from your computer so that unauthorized persons do not have access to your internet browser and therefore to any saved logins.

How do I install MailCheck?

1. Download our free Mail Check tool by clicking on the type of browser you use above.

2. Agree to the installation and the MailCheck icon will appear on your browser toolbar.

3. Click the icon and log in to your account with your password.

4. Click the gear symbol in the lower right corner to customize your settings, including the option to add more accounts.

For further assistance, please visit our Help Center. 

How do I deactivate MailCheck notifications?

The MailCheck default settings have the sounds deactivated. If you aren’t a fan of pop-up messages, you can deactivate these notifications as well. Or if you prefer to be notified of new messages by sounds but no visual cues, you can set up MailCheck accordingly. Simply click the icon in your browser toolbar to open MailCheck and then the gearwheel symbol in the lower right corner. Under > Email Settings, you can set your notification preferences for each email account you have added to MailCheck.

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