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A smarter way to store your email

With’s customizable settings, filters, and organizational tools, you’ll be able to efficiently keep the emails you want and automatically delete anything that gets in your way.

What is the Email Storage space limit? offers you up to 65 GB of Email Storage, or space for about half a million emails. That’s a lot of emails. It may not be enough to keep all of the messages you’ve ever received, but who would want to? With’s customizable settings and filter options, you can easily organize your emails so that you’re only keeping the messages you want to see.’s smart Email Storage allows you to organize and automatically delete Spam or content that simply doesn’t interest you. 

How to check your storage space

You’re in complete control of your email account. Checking and managing your Email Storage space is easy and you can do it at any time. To check how much storage space you have, simply:

  • Go to and Login to your email account.
  • From the menu choose Settings then go to Folder Overview.
  • Check under Total to see how many emails you currently have stored and how much space you have left.

How to use settings to automatically organize and gain space

There are many ways to manage and organize your email to gain space with Of course there’s the plain and simple process of deleting emails and then emptying your trash, but also offers filters and tools that help you stay organized and clear out unwanted emails automatically.

The “empty folder” feature is a great way to clean house and gain lots of space all at once. Some of your folders, including the Spam folder, have probably been accumulating junk mail, and dust, for some time. To clean these folders out, simply click on the wrench icon next to the folder name in your inbox, then click “empty folder” to delete all of your unwanted messages. Once the messages have been deleted, click “empty trash” and all of those extra emails will be gone for good. You’ll see new storage numbers showing the new space you have available.

Using filters and customizable storage time limit settings makes optimizing space and staying organized easy, too.’s default time limit setting for your Spam folder is 30 days. That means, Spam will be automatically deleted after 30 days, and you won’t have to worry about it taking up space.

And by using custom storage time limits for all of the folders in your inbox, you can make sure out-of-date or unwanted mail is automatically deleted for you. You can choose custom storage times (from one day to an unlimited amount of time) for each folder using the storage time limit settings. After the amount of time you set has passed, will take care of the rest; your unwanted mail will be moved to the Trash folder for you to review and send on its way, or delete automatically after a set amount of time.

Other custom settings allow you to manage your email and save space seamlessly. Here are a few more tips for automating email organization:

  • Set specific emails to be deleted automatically after a chosen period of time (without passing them to the Trash folder for review).
  • Delete emails in the Trash folder automatically after a set period of time.
  • Use filters to move emails from specific senders directly to your Spam or Trash folders.
  • Erase emails from specific senders permanently as soon as you receive them using custom filters.

Email Storage that’s as smart as you makes sure you have enough Email Storage space to stay comfortable, but also gives you the tools you need to stay organized and efficient. With custom settings, helpful defaults, and tricks and tips to manage your email, makes sure you can store the mail you want and get rid of the rest automatically. Create a email account here.

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