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65 GB of free email storage with

  • Space for about 500,000 emails

  • Customizable settings and filter options
  • Set storage time limits for each folder
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Email storage that’s as smart as you

enveloppe mail storage offers you up to 65 GB of email storage, or space for about half a million emails. That’s a lot of emails! It may not be enough to save every message you’ve ever received, but who would want to? With’s customizable settings, filters and organizational tools, you can keep the emails you want for as long as you want – and automatically delete anything that gets in your way.

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Use folder settings to make the most of your online storage space

You can set storage time limits for all of the email folders in your inbox. This means you can choose to store messages for an unlimited amount of time or to have old or unwanted mail automatically deleted. With the exception of your Spam and Trash folders, the default storage time for emails in your folders is “unlimited.” You can change this setting for each folder individually – after the amount of time you set has passed, messages will automatically be moved to your Trash folder, and later permanently deleted in accordance with your Trash settings.

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How to free up email storage space

With 65 GB of storage for your emails, it’s hard to imagine exceeding your space limit. But whether you’d like to be organized from day one or want to tidy up your mailbox after several years, there are many ways to manage your email and gain space. Of course you can simply delete messages you no longer need and then empty your Trash folder, but also offers filters and tools that let you clear out old and unwanted emails automatically.

The “Empty folder” feature is a great way to get rid of a lot of old messages all at once. If a folder has been accumulating junk mail for some time, simply click the wrench icon next to the folder name in your inbox, then click > Empty folder to delete all those unwanted messages.

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Additional settings you can use to customize your email storage:

  • Set specific emails to be deleted automatically after a set period of time
  • Delete emails in the Trash folder automatically after a set period of time
  • Use filter rules to move emails from specific senders directly to your Spam or Trash folders
  • Set filters to permanently erase emails from specific senders upon receipt

FAQs: Email storage

What is email storage space?

Simply put, email storage space is the amount of data you are allotted on the server for the emails in your mailbox. This includes the message itself as well as any attachments it contains – photos, documents, etc. Your account comes with a generous storage limit of 65 gigabytes. The emails in your mailbox are stored on our secure servers rather than your computer hard drive unless you actively save a message there.

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