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Email large files of up to 100 MB

When it comes to email attachment limits, size really does matter. At, we understand the frustration of being unable to send an email because the attached file is too big. Which is why we make it possible to send large attachments of up to 30 MB for free. This puts us ahead of the pack – most email providers only allow attachments of 25 MB, while some have limits as low as 5 MB. If you would like to send even larger attachments – up to 100 MB – you can upgrade to Premium.

With, you’ll never worry about attachments again

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Attach files of almost any format places almost no limits on the types of attachments you can send and receive. We support document, video, image, audio, and e-book file formats – and many more!

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Auto-check incoming and outgoing mail for viruses’s powerful virus protection feature automatically checks all incoming and outgoing mail for viruses – including email attachments – and intercepts infected emails.

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Open attachments directly in your mailbox

When people send you images, photos or PDFs, you can view them right in your inbox. Text documents, spreadsheets and presentations are opened in your Online Office.

How to send a large file

Unlike email providers with highly restrictive attachment limits, lets you send large files for free. So sending a big file of up to 30 MB is no different than any other sort of attachment. Once you have created an email account with, simply log in and click > Compose E-mail > Add Attachments. Then you can select a file from your computer hard drive or online Cloud .

However, even though allows you to send bigger email attachments than most other providers, there may still be an issue on the recipient’s end when receiving a file of over 10 GB. Sometimes this is due to their provider’s size limits. If this is the case, you can compress the file you wish to send by converting it to a .zip file. Or even easier, create and share a link using’s free online file sharing function. Another problem that sometimes comes up: The recipients’ spam filter blocks large files because they are more likely to contain viruses or malware. One way to make sure your message gets through is to ask your recipient to add your email address to their contacts or whitelist as a recognized sender.

FAQs: Email attachments

What are’s email attachment size limits?

With your free email account from, you can send attachments of up to 30 MB. That’s about the same size as three photographer-quality pictures. You can send several attachments with one message; the total size of the attachments to a single email cannot exceed 30 MB. If you upgrade to Premium, you can attach files of up to 100 MB to an email.

How do I know if an email attachment is safe to open?

In order to ensure the utmost levels of security for your account, all incoming and outgoing mails are subject to an automatic virus check – including the attachments. Incoming emails that contain suspicious attachments will be quarantined in your Spam folder. However, you should still follow basic safety precautions. For example, do not open attachments from unknown senders. You should also steer clear of attachments with strange file names such as random strings of letters or numbers. Executable files – files with the extension .exe – are often associated with malware, so only open such files if you are expecting to receive them. And remember, when in doubt, the safest thing to do is briefly contact the sender and verify that the message and attachment are legitimate.

What do I do if my attachment is too big?

You’d like to send a file that’s larger than 30 MB? No problem – simply upload it to your Cloud. Then select the file and click > Share to create a guest link. Now you can email the link to the desired recipient, who then opens the link to view or download the file.

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