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Data Protection & Advertisements at

Data Protection & Advertisements at

We prefer to only show you what you are really interested on our Online-Portal and in your Home page.

Advertisement and individuality? Isn’t that a contradiction in itself? Absolutely not! However, we first have to know what you like to be able to do this. And your information, your clicks or your location will help us. Don’t worry, it is not possible to directly assign the information to you, because it is saved anonymously.  Of course, you can revoke the usage of your data for interest-based advertisements at any time.

What data do we process - and why?

Your account data – for example, name and date of birth – that you shared with us during your registration.
We do not “just” want to offer our users advertisements, but rather a real service and an added value!

Through the direct control of relevant advertising, we try to show you content that corresponds to your preferences. Other companies can book advertising spaces on our Online Portal and Home page. These bookings offer us financial support to maintain our free product for you.

To ensure a pleasant and intuitive user experience on our online portal, we process usage data from our visitors and the structure of user groups on a legal basis. We would like to prevent showing you advertisements too frequently in a certain amount of time. That is why our partners use a user identification that shows us that somebody already saw this advertisement frequently - this is the only way we and our partners can control this for you.

All information about the user that is collected in connection with advertisements on our online portal is subject to the highest security standards. This information is saved in cookies. Cookies are small text files that your browser saves and they make sure that a website “remembers” you. This allows websites to load quicker during your next visit or usage data can be processed.

Revoke consent to data processing

If you would no longer like to receive interest-based online advertising, you can control this in the “My Account” or through cookies control for each partner through an unsubscribe function. Please visit

To provide you with the advertising, based on your interest, we work with our partner Index Exchange. If you no longer want to receive interest-based advertising provided by them, please visit Index Exchange Privacy Policy to opt-out.

Disable interest-related advertisements and resetting the advertisement ID for Android devices

By default, the "Disable interest-related advertisements” option is disabled on Android devices. If you would like to change this, open the Google settings, touch “Advertisements” and activate this.* Through this OPT-OUT option, you prevent the display of interest-related advertisements based on your device’s advertisement ID.
You also have the option to reset your advertisement ID. You can also do this in Google Settings › Advertisements:
Click on “Reset advertisement ID” and all previously collected information will be reset and the advertising ID on your device will be replaced by a randomly selected number.*

* Menu navigation may vary depending on the device and version.

Use of advertising ID within applications (apps)

For the direct control of advertising content, we use the so-called advertising within our Android application and the advertising ID (IDFA) within our Apple applications, a device recognition without personal reference. Provided that you download and use applications from 1&1 Mail & Media Inc., you send us an identification number clearly assigned to your end device (advertising ID). A personal identification based on the advertising ID is not possible.

Saving personal data

Depending on the application reference, your anonymous usage data in connection with the advertising will be saved on our online portal and our partners. The storage duration amounts to a maximum period defined by the legal framework. The data is automatically deleted after this.

If third party systems from other companies are used with the delivery of advertising content, these are subject to the same legal regulations on compliance with the permissible storage duration.

Using cookies from external providers, we are able to analyze use behavior on our website, which provides us with a basis for evaluating that behavior. Knowing how users interact with various parts of our website allows us to continually improve your user experience. These cookies are placed by our technical partners and exclusively generate anonymized results. If you do not want cookies from our website to be saved by your browser, click on the following links to receive instructions on how you can deactivate them.

Google Adwords
Google Analytics
Microsoft Advertising

Your data helps us improve the user experience for our products, websites and applications. We use an automatic and standardized analysis procedure for this purpose. Information about revoking usage of your data for analysis purposes can be found here.

Cooperation with international companies

Of course, it is important to us to comply with all data protection regulations even with advertising measures! With the assignment of advertising space on our internet portal, we work with companies from all over the world. Many companies have sites abroad as well. It may be the case that your anonymous usage data may also be used allover the world to select advertising.

The data protection compliant handling of personal data is regulated by the respectively valid laws - within the EU, for example, by the EU data protection basic regulation.