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Apple Mail

Apple Mail and

Though many of us send and receive emails on several computers and mobile devices, we still have one computer or laptop that we use more often, where we store our emails in an email client such as Apple Mail, Eudora or Outlook Express. The beauty of is that it not only works seamlessly when you log in through a browser thanks to Webmail; you can configure Apple Mail so that all of your email is organized how you want it on your personal laptop or work computer.

Stay organized with Apple Mail and

Configuring Apple Mail to work with is easy to do. Simply add your account to Apple Mail, and start sending and receiving email through the email client on your computer. What’s more, if you are working offline, your emails will be stored in your outbox until you connect to the Internet. At this point, Apple Mail will connect to and all the emails you wrote while working offline will be sent immediately.

Apple Mail is a great way for Mac lovers to use

Another useful aspect of Apple Mail is that you can choose between POP3 and IMAP when you set up your account. For many, POP3 is sufficient; you will receive all new messages from the server each time you connect to the Internet with Apple Mail. IMAP, on the other hand, is ideal for those who check their email on multiple devices, such as mobile phones or work computers. With IMAP, which is perfectly compatible with the Apple Mail client, all of your emails stay synced, no matter where you send them from.

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