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Email Forwarding Simplified

Easy Email Forwarding with

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Staying on top of multiple email accounts can be a challenge - especially with different providers and login details. With the Mail Collector tool, you can forward all incoming mail to one single location, ensuring anytime, anywhere access. Make the most of seamless email management with!

Multiple emails in one convenient location

For the majority of us, having more than one email account is just a fact of life: we have at least one work email account, an email account for private use that is still professional enough to be used for things like job applications, and another one or two email addresses for family and social use. Some may even have one email address that they use when making online purchases so that all coupons, offers, and advertisements are collected in one inbox and don’t clutter up the others that are used primarily for email communication. Having multiple accounts can be very practical, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep track.

The Mail Collector feature with a account makes managing multiple email accounts a breeze:

  • With the Mail Collector from, you can manage all of your email addresses easily and effectively, no matter how many you have.
  • All email providers are welcome at, so start forwarding your email from other providers and consolidate all of your correspondence into one easy-to-manage location.
  • By forwarding emails to a account, you can save yourself the time and effort of signing in and out of multiple accounts.

Organized and synced for better email management

A major benefit of having all of your emails in one location is being able to take advantage of one set of planning tools, like the calendar which helps to keep your life organized. Schedule all of your work appointments and social agenda side-by-side so that you don’t miss out on anything important ever again. In fact, by being able to drag and drop information from all of your emails into one complete and comprehensive calendar, you can simplify your life and have a better overview of your time and commitments.

Access all of your mail from anywhere

Because of the universal access that you receive with a account, whichever accounts that you forward to will be made accessible to you anywhere at any time. Do you have a business email address that runs on your workplace server? Or perhaps you want to be able to access your private email that you normally use from your home computer?

By forwarding these email accounts to a account, you will have everything completely available to you, right at your fingertips, without having to sign in and out of more than one account. Wherever you are, whether in the office, at home, or on the train in between, you can have all of your emails with you at all times in one convenient location - your account.

Up to 65 GB of email storage

It doesn’t matter if you forward email from one or ten different email addresses, the functionality and efficiency of your account will remain the same. Moreover, since accounts all come with a lot of space for your emails, you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

At we understand that deleting emails in order to ensure that you still have space for the new ones is a hassle; our spacious email storage is just one more way that helps you remove unnecessary obstacles and increase your email communication efficiency.

An added benefit of email security

Another significant benefit of forwarding email from multiple accounts to a account is the ability to take advantage of the superior security quality that it has to offer.

Accounts with come equipped with two top-of-the-line security features:

1. Antivirus protection —this feature simply needs to be activated in your email settings. Once activated, the antivirus software scans all of your emails and email file attachments for viruses, spyware, and Trojans, decreasing your risk without infringing on your privacy.

2. Additionally, you can manage threats through the use of the spam filter, which allows you to manually mark incoming emails as “trusted” or “untrusted,” while automatically sending unsolicited mail to your spam folder, keeping your inbox free of clutter.

When you forward your emails to a account, you receive all of the internet security benefits of for all of your emails, regardless of provider, and gain significant peace of mind.

Other features of email services

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customizable email signature
  • Up to 30 MB of email attachment space
  • Mobile service
  • Unique domains to choose from
  • Helpful customer support

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