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Mail Collector - All your emails in one place / If you use several email accounts with different providers, we offer you a way to manage them all in one place: our Mail Collector. It allows you to retrieve and send emails from all your accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo or Google and many more.


Secure all addresses

Forwarding with - All your email in one convenient location

When you sync your various personal and business email addresses with Mail Collector, everything is conveniently in the same place. For example, your professional email - which may run on a company-wide platform based in the workplace - forwards to, providing you with access at home, while travelling, or simply in conjunction with other correspondence. Access to your professional email wherever you are will save you more time overall, and allow you to work without being tethered to your physical workspace. By forwarding your professional email to, you can knock out some work at the weekend, or while on the train (perhaps with a blackberry sync or similar function). Forwarding with - take care of business on your own terms.

Security for all your email addresses

When you use email forwarding so that you can take advantage of's universal access, you can also rest assured that in addition to being able to manage multiple accounts, you are also reading your emails on a secure connection with cutting edge anti virus and spam protection. This fact alone makes forwarding a great solution to your email needs: you know you can rely on's innovative anti virus software in ways that might not be the same for other servers.

Forward your emails and relax.

By forwarding emails to, you get the online protection and security you need in one place, combined with the convenience of being able to read everything from business to personal emails on a single platform. Start forwarding your emails to to save yourself the hassle of logging in on multiple platforms and to ensure the safety of your confidential information.

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