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Mobile Email Service

Mobile friendly email accounts

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Email is among the most effective methods of communication in both our personal and professional lives. Whether at home, in the office, or somewhere in between, a mobile email service is a necessity. With’s mobile email accounts, you can access email whenever and wherever you like.

The difference of mobile email

It’s the 21st century, and that means we are living in a fast-paced, interconnected world where accessing the internet from a desktop computer isn’t our only option. Many of us are working professionals who are constantly on the go and need access to our emails and calendars wherever we are in the world. We understand this necessity of anytime, anywhere access; which is why we offer you exceptional mobile email services when you create an email account with Discover our powerful mobile email solutions and stay connected wherever you are.

With mobile email accounts from, you receive the same powerful services and features as with your desktop email, like having access to your online calendar which can be viewed on a variety of mobile devices. Whether you want to discuss a business deal while at the airport, or you wish to give colleagues feedback on a project; whatever you use email for, mobile email will keep you connected. With mobile email service, your email stays with you, regardless of where you are in the world.

Getting email on your phone

Your mobile phone is already equipped to receive emails, you merely have to set it up to take advantage of it. In order to do so, you will need to have the following information:

Your full email address

Your email password

Your incoming server (POP or IMAP)

Your outgoing server (SMTP)

When you have the information above at hand, you will merely have to input this data in order to start receiving emails to your phone. Whether you are using an iPhone, Android, or another cell phone type with a different operating system, setting up your email should be relatively similar.

Here´s how to set up email to your cell phone:

1.    Open up your cell phone email client to begin the account setup

2.    Enter your email address and password

3.    Enter the account type (IMAP, POP3, Exchange, etc.)

4.    Enter your incoming and outgoing server information

5.    Click finish and you’re done!

In order for you to load email to your phone after a new account setup, you will most likely have to shut down and restart your phone.

Sync multiple addresses for full cell phone email access

Of course, most of us have more than one email address these days – personal, work and perhaps one for side ventures. Don’t settle for just one mail account on your cell phone when you can get access to all of your emails from your various accounts with the Mail Collector feature from This will save you time and energy from having to sign in on multiple devices or with multiple user names and passwords. You can take advantage of this tool in one of two ways:

1.    You can sync your various email addresses with the Mail Collector, forwarding them all to a main account, which you have set up with the cell phone email client installed on your smartphone. This option gives you access to all of your emails sent directly to your phone.

2.    Alternatively, you can always access your email from your phone’s web browser, meaning you still have only one sign-in to access your email in one convenient location; however, this requires you to have a working internet connection in order to access your emails on your phone.

Both options have merit; having your email integrated with your cell phone email client allows you to work on emails offline, which send as soon as you have an internet connection again. Working from your phone’s web browser allows you to switch between devices, enabling you to access your email from any device with an internet connection. Choose whichever method you prefer or the method which will help you stay most organized.

As far as organization goes, you can also take advantage of the Online Calendar, which will grab your personal and professional appointments directly from your emails and add them to one cohesive calendar. This will give you a complete overview of your entire schedule and time commitments right in the palm of your hand. 

The art of the mobile email signature

It is a good idea, especially when sending business emails from your mobile device, to use a similar signature to your home or work desktop email. If you want to state within your mobile email signature that it is sent from a mobile email account, in order for recipients to know that you are currently out of the office, then that is fine and can certainly serve an important purpose; however, ensure you retain a professional tone. A business email, even from a mobile email account, should always remain professional in order to create the right impression.

So what should you include in your professional mobile email signature?

  • Your full name and professional title or position
  • Full contact information: this includes phone number and email address
  • Company website and social media buttons

What shouldn’t you include?

  • Don’t include the brand of your phone. It doesn’t matter if it was sent from an iPhone or Samsung. Change the signature to something more meaningful that isn’t merely a brand promotional message.
  • Do not include the “excuse any errors” disclaimer. This makes you seem careless and cheapens the value of the email that you are sending.
  • Don’t include statements like “consider the environment”, and don’t include a full company address when sending mobile email. These are fine for desktop, but a mobile email template should be kept succinct.

Mobile email etiquette: Do

Do keep it simple. Not only is typing out a long email hard work on your thumbs, it is not really suited to a mobile email template that places emphasis on speed and convenience.

  • It’s best to reply only to really important emails that require immediate attention and send lengthy emails from your desktop at work or home where you can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to them.
  • If you want to reply to an important message right away, consider sending a mobile email acknowledging that you have received this email and will respond as soon as you are back in front of your computer.
  • Do double check before hitting the send button. There is a high possibility that you will accrue typos or autocorrect failures when sending email from a mobile; that is the nature of the device and the reason for all of the clichéd mobile email signatures excusing this.

So, do some double duty and check everything over thoroughly before hitting send, especially when it is a professional email where accuracy is important.

Mobile email etiquette: Don’t

Don’t forget the subject line of the email, and make sure that you still start the email with a greeting and formal sign off. Writing your email from a mobile does not give you the option to take shortcuts on conventional email etiquette.

Don’t abbreviate or use SMS language, and don’t use excessive punctuation or emoticon punctuation. This type of language should never be used within a professional context, even from a mobile email account. If you are writing from your mobile device, avoid the urge to use these popular shortcuts.

Included features of your mobile email address

  • Easy-to-use Webmail interface
  • Online calendar and address book
  • Up to 65 GB email storage
  • Up to 30 MB attachments
  • Integrated Mail Collector for multiple email addresses
  • Comprehensive email archiving
  • Spam filter and Antivirus
  • Helpful customer support

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