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Over 90% less spam mail / We employ 7 sophisticated anti spam tools to filter junk mails before flooding your mailbox. You can also create your own spam filter by blacklisting senders manually and keep your mailbox spam free.

Spam Filter

Get rid of spam

Spam Filter - Over 90% less spam! knows that the key to convenient emailing is a good spam filter.'s Spam Filter keeps 90% of the junk mail at bay so that you can receive and read your emails, and only your emails! Spam protection is an important measure in protecting yourself and your email against phishing, scams and unwanted advertisements. By eliminating all that spam, junkmail filter takes the frustration out of checking your email and puts the function and fun back in.

The trouble with junk mail and the need for spam filters

We all know how it works, somewhere along the line your email gets added to a spam list or you enter your email address somewhere you shouldn't have, and the next thing you know spam is clogging up your inbox. Even though offers Unlimited Storage (so spam will never put you over a storage limit), it can be quite a chore to wade through the offers and advertisements that a spam filter missed. Missing important emails because they are embedded inbetween junk mail, or - even worse - accidentally deleting them with your junk mail is bad for business and can make emailing a real hassle! With a good spam filter you can get right to the important stuff!

Let the Spam Filter do the filtering uses not just one spam filter but seven to keep your inbox reserved for your mail only! If something does get through the first seven lines of defense, also provides the option to create a blacklist to block the really persistent spammers once and for all! With, annoying spam can become a thing of the past, or at least a thing for your spam filter to worry about, not you.

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