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Spam Email Filter

Less frustration with spam screening

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Remove frustration and reinstate functionality in your email communications with the email spam filter. Keep annoying, unsolicited mail at bay and also protect yourself against harmful viruses and malware embedded in spam emails. Trust the email spam blocker to intercept email spam and keep you worry-free.

Spam Filter - Over 99% less spam!

Email communication is an essential part of our daily lives. We use email accounts for both professional and personal reasons as they allow us to keep things documented and organized. So because email is such an important medium, having the right tools in place to block email spam and intercept emails with embedded viruses has never been more important.

The spam filter from keeps 90% of unsolicited emails out of your inbox and protects your email account against phishing, scams and unwanted advertisements. Even though email accounts with come with a lot of space for your emails, we know that you don’t want junk mail cluttering up your inbox, causing you to overlook or even delete important emails in the effort to remove the trash. To prevent this, we’ve implemented several layers of filters to block email spam effectively.’s email spam blocker

The spam filter from consists of regularly updated, specific parameters and works to mark unsolicited email automatically as spam - this keep your mailbox free of annoying junk mail. Among other functions, the spam filter performs the following tasks:

  • Distinguish reputable emails from unsolicited bulk emails based on checksum methods.
  • Analyze emails for technical properties and errors that are typical of spam.
  • Check emails for fake sender addresses, i.e. was the email actually sent from the server responsible for the domain?
  • Compare emails with internal and external lists, e.g. IP addresses of servers known for sending spam or URLs that occur in known spam emails. 

Personal Spam Filter

The spam filter is distinct from your personal spam filter, which you instruct in your mailbox by clicking Spam or Not Spam to move the emails to the appropriate folder. When you mark an email as spam, the next email from the same sender will automatically be moved to the spam folder.

The spam filter remembers the following properties:

  • The address of the email's sender
  • The text pattern of the email

Email addresses are simple. If you have marked an email address as spam and then receive another email from the same sender, or an email with a similar text pattern from another sender, the email is automatically sent to the spam folder.

The text pattern component in your personal spam filter works with wordlists that are created from the emails you have selected as Spam or Not Spam. The filter determines the frequency with which words occur in the selected emails and creates a custom model for your mailbox. This model is used together with probability methods to classify new emails as wanted or unwanted. Put simply: the more often a word occurs in wanted or unwanted emails, the more it is weighted during filtering.

To ensure that your personal spam filter functions perfectly, you have to move emails that you incorrectly saved as spam to the correct folder. If certain emails are saved in the wrong folder repeatedly, you can reset the spam filter in the Spam Protection settings.

Whitelist and blacklist functions of the Spam Filter

Although 90% spam filter efficiency is fantastic, it is still not 100%, so for the small and very persistent percentage that does manage to get through these several layers of protection, offers you the option to create spam lists to manage it.

Ultimately, your whitelist is all of the email addresses that you wish to receive emails from or deem to be trustworthy. By adding an address or domain to your whitelist, email from this source is automatically saved to your inbox and is not checked for spam. Since email addresses that are saved to your Contacts list are automatically saved to your inbox folder, we recommend that all whitelist addresses that you wish to receive emails from are also saved in your Contacts. Conversely, when you save an address or domain to your blacklist, emails from that address or domain are automatically sent to your spam folder. 

The importance of spam blockers

Using a junk mail filter can not only save you a lot of time, but it can also save you from infecting your computer, and the computers of those on your contact list, with harmful viruses and malware. Gone are the days when email spam was just annoying, now it is downright dangerous, putting your hardware, software, and personal information at risk.

Of course, there is no way to stop 100% of email spam from coming; however, there are ways to keep it at bay:

  • Use a service with a great spam filter
  • Manually filter on your own for incorrectly filed emails that may have slipped through
  • Don’t open attachments from unknown addresses. Since viruses are often embedded in attachments, it is good practice to only open email attachments from senders that you trust.

Other features of the email spam blocker from

  • Automatically scans incoming and outgoing emails, including attachments, for spam and viruses
  • Personal control with spam list management
  • Several filters of protection and over 90% less spam
  • Comes as a standard feature on every email account
  • Helpful customer support

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