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Email in your task bar with MailCheck for Windows

Better communications with MailCheck for Windows

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Email in your task bar—a sensible solution

At, we don’t think that it makes sense for something as important as email to be managed in a less-than-efficient way. This means an updated view of your mailbox at all times and one-click access. Experience a more sensible email solution with the Windows MailCheck app from

A different way of dealing with email

The MailCheck tool is designed to enable users to track their emails directly in their task bar. This helps you to keep track of what you are doing, without the distraction of stopping and signing in to your email account to check for new mail. Once you have installed MailCheck for Windows, you can then see the MailCheck envelope icon indicating email in your task bar. This allows you to check at-a-glance if you have any new emails waiting for you. And since the MailCheck tool scans your inbox at regular intervals, you can also be sure that these notifications are up-to-date, allowing you to respond to emails in a timely fashion and not miss anything important.

MailCheck for Windows—simply efficient

This app for your Windows PC also makes keeping on top of your more efficient because of its easy access. When setting up the MailCheck app, you sign in to your account with your username and password only once, after which you have full access to your account with the one-click sign-in feature. No more having to sign in from your email account login portal; just click the MailCheck envelope icon and read away!
The incredible easy access offered by MailCheck for Windows should be applied to all of your accounts.

1. Simply go into your MailCheck settings (the icon that looks like a wrench)
2. Then go to ‘additional accounts’
3. Click ‘add account’
4. Enter the email address that you wish to add (with associated password)
5. And finally, click ‘add’

Just like that, an account can be added to the MailChecker tool. Every account that you include in the MailCheck app will display notifications for new email in your task bar. Accounts can be added or deleted at will, so you can easily manage only the accounts that you need to.

MailCheck for Windows benefits at a glance

  • Instant notifications
  • One-time login
  • One-click sign-in feature
  • Can be used to manage multiple email addresses
  • Customisable settings to suit preference
  • Desktop notification with optional sound and pop-up ‘new email’ alert
Free Download

By downloading the application, you agree to the End User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy.