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Safari MailCheck add-on—email productivity solutions

Most people check their emails multiple times a day, often requiring actions that take up time and slow down productivity, like logins and account refreshing. A solution to this problem is the MailCheck tool, which delivers up-to-date email notifications and gives users access to all of their emails at a glance.

Keep email in sight and stay informed

With the MailCheck for Safari tool from, you have access to all of your emails in a single glance or click. Simply install the Safari MailCheck add-on and enjoy the ease of seeing new email notifications and accessing your email in the safari toolbar directly. The MailCheck tool regularly scans your mailbox, so you can be sure that you receive the most up-to-date email notifications. Having access to your email in your safari browser means no longer having to stop surfing in order to check your mailbox; you can always see when new mail comes in and can circumvent the login process to make staying on top of your emails that much easier.

More options for easier email management

With the Safari MailCheck add-on, you only need to log in to your account once, after which you gain access through the simple one-click sign-in feature. Just click on the envelope icon in your Safari toolbar and you are logged in! With just one click of your mouse, you have instant access to all of your emails. No more taking time to search for and sign in to your email from the main provider portal, just click-and-go with the MailCheck add-on. Furthermore, you can actually add multiple email accounts to the MailCheck tool, helping you to manage all of your accounts more easily. New email notifications for any of your accounts will be displayed in the envelope icon in your Safari browser. When clicked, it will show a list of all of your email accounts and the number of emails in each mailbox that you have included in the MailCheck tool. All of your accounts at a single glance, that’s simplified email communication.

Tailored to your preferences

Of course MailCheck for Safari comes with default settings, but they are able to be personalised to each user’s individual tastes. Do you like to have a pop-up catch your attention but no sound? Or would you prefer to hear a sound notification and not be looking for a pop-up? Whatever your preference, you can alter all of these in your MailCheck settings. In regards to visual layout, you can hide or show buttons at will, so that it looks exactly as you want it to. And finally, MailCheck from is not only a Safari browser add-on, but is also available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer as well.

A summary of the MailCheck for Safari benefits

  • After logging in once, you gain instant access to the simple one-click sign-in feature.
  • MailCheck for Safari accommodates multiple email addresses.
  • The MailCheck tool displays the number of unread emails from each account directly in your Safari browser.
  • This is a customisable Safari browser add-on.
  • New email notifications can be personalised and easily switched on or off.
Free Download

By downloading the application, you agree to the End User License Agreement and our Privacy Policy.