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Android Email App

The Android mail app from

Keep all the great features of with you, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. You’ll never miss a beat with our smart and speedy mail app - it’s compatible with all Android devices and absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Download the app today and start emailing from your Android smartphone.

Features of the app

We’ve packed our email app for Android full of great features that bring convenience and ease to your mobile email experience.

  • Suitable for all Android devices
  • Advanced encryption security technology (TLS, SSL)
  • Handy features like full screen mode, pinch to zoom, and more
  • Attach multiple photos in mails
  • Customizable ‘Quiet Time’ mode silences notifications for when you need to concentrate
  • Fingerprint lock function (Android 6 only)

Our development experts created the app with you - our customers - in mind. Every detail is there to enhance and enrich the way you use email on your Android device. The moment you download the app, you’ll have lightning-speed access to your inbox.

Check your calendar in the morning while you travel to work so you can plan ahead for the day; receive and reply to emails in an instant; browse and manage your contacts as and when you need to; send an email to multiple recipients while you’re on the train, out at lunch or if you simply prefer to use your smartphone instead of your laptop - experience the freedom of the app today!

Get the best out of the Android app

The Android email app is designed to work in perfect harmony with the built-in functions of your smartphone, so that using it is as fast, simple, and convenient as possible.

  • In the ‘Account settings’ tab, you can customize how you receive and send emails.
  • Selecting the ‘Push email’ function enables your smartphone to fetch your mails automatically, in turn improving your battery life.
  • By default, the app will instantly notify you in the status bar of any incoming mails - if it suits you, you can turn this function off; in addition to this you can set a custom ring tone and/or a silent vibration to bring your attention to a new email.
  • In the same tab, you can also change your signature, as well as import your email contacts to your phone - all with just one tap of your finger.

Navigating and customizing your inbox is a breeze with our Android email app.

  • On the inbox overview screen, small floating icons allow you to access frequently used functions in an instant.
  • Clicking the pen icon automatically opens a new, blank mail, while clicking the magnifying glass icon allows you to quickly search your inbox and find exactly what you need - with minimal fuss.
  • Use the ‘General settings’ tab to further personalize our Android email app according to your preferences.
  • Change the way you view your mail list by selecting the ‘Compact Mail List’ function for a more streamlined view.
  • Activate the ‘enable screenshots’ function if you ever need to record important info from the app in the form of a handy image.

If you would like to add an extra layer of security to your app inbox, you can create a PIN code to protect who accesses the app on your phone. And if you experience regular busy periods on a daily basis, you can activate the ‘Quiet Time’ feature. This disables ringtones, vibrations and LED notifications during a timeframe defined by you, so you can concentrate with zero distraction. Discover how easy emailing from a smartphone can be when you download the app for Android.

Getting started with our free mail app

It takes next to no time for you to download the app and to start enjoying the service from the comfort of your smartphone. Simply head to the Google Play store page to download the app to your phone - it’s 100% free with no hidden costs - before entering your personal information into the app. Our email app is also available for Iphone and Ipad users.

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to use the service wherever you are. If you require any additional help or information when using the app, contact our customer service professionals at any time.

Committed to perfection

Here at we are driven by the needs and satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we listen to you and seek out your experiences while using our products, so we can continually deliver what you want and expect from an email provider.

We value each and every review of the Android app and so, if you have any feedback or comments regarding the app, please get in touch with us using our online contact form. Alternatively, use the template ‘Feedback’ form set up for you in the ‘Settings’ tab of the app on your Android device. Simply add the details of your feedback and click send - we’ll receive your thoughts right away.

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